Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Significant Number 22.

The other day I shared via Facebook that 

"I'm in shock! God is so faithful! :}"

Here is the story behind those 7 little words.

Many have anxiously waited.

I have received comments galore and a share of text messages too.

Many wondering what do those 7 little words mean.

The story behind them is long, 

so my friends you might want to grab some coffee
 for the story

' behind the words.'


A significant number in my journal.

Since I was about 8 years old I have kept a journal.

Of my daily personal life as well as a memoir of my journey with Jesus.

When something specific happened this December 22nd, 2012.

I felt that something specific had happened on other days in my journal as well.

So I took a little trip down memory lane and read from page to page of what God had done in my life and on what date I watched Him move.

It all started July 22nd. 

My 19th birthday.

The 22nd of August.

The date I got horrible news that my two loves in Uganda had been moved to a permanent orphanage.

Never to know the love of a family.

My heart broke.

The 22nd of September my journal entry read:

"Am I really Trusting God?"

A day of struggle but of watching God move and seeing him whisper to my heart that my 
time to move to Uganda was not yet. 

To wait and trust God.

The 22nd of October dawned a painful day.

The day my boyfriend of three+ years and I broke up.

The day that God whispered to my heart.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you a hope and a future."

The promise that God had even better plans for me brought the healing.

November 22nd. 

A day of Thanksgiving shared with my loved ones.

A time to be thankful and remember what God had done and what God was going to do!

A month later to the day.

A very important day in my life.

I had been crying out to God and knew He was going to show up.

Every time I had almost taken the reigns in my own hands.

I'd hear him say 

"Emma I am going to provide, you just have to trust me"

Every time we played tug-a-war with the reigns of moving to Uganda.

I'd gently be reminded.

And then I would have an overwhelming peace.

I knew He was going to provide.

And that's when the fun part came -

I  had front row seats to watching

God move.

With a month till take off and moving to Uganda.

 I sat on the couch with a friend and shared my heart.

And how sponsorship was a rough road.

And with just one month till take off  I didn't have even one monthly sponsor.

I laughed and asked my friend if he would be nervous if the situation was reversed.

He said he would.

I told him,

 how I wasn't afraid, 

but that I knew God was going to provide! 

After all He called me to Uganda in the first place.

I had my Mom, my Dad and all of my little siblings 

who were also joining me in praying that He would provide.

And let me tell you HE did!

The monthly sponsorships began to pour in.

I had sponsors across the USA.

And even some from other countries.

I had one time donations that were such a tremendous blessing!

But on December 22nd. 

The most amazing 'unexpected email' found it's way to my inbox.

And the rest is history.

My concern over the sponsorship was greatly alleviated and a precious donation came in.

I continue to need sponsorship, but this was a beautiful provision.

With just two weeks till take off I watched Him move the mountains.

Just one more story to share and serve as a reminder that my God is always faithful 100%.

When He calls you.

He always provides.

Don't sweat it, trust God and watch Him move.

I have no doubt He would give you front row seats as well.

Remember He is always faithful.


Take a chance and trust God.

It's the best thing that I ever did.


Sarah said...

Love it. God is always good.

inked33 said...

yippee! so great reading your words... and that's it, isn't it? as long as it's His will He has you covered. thank you for being obedient and great example of how to walk in His way :)

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! It's been very hard for me to trust for my own trip to Uganda! But I know without a doubt that He will provide! I'm just worrying too much. I know that He has called me there, so He will send the funds. And even if it's not now it will still happen. I still need $1,500 by the 30th! Your words were a great encouragement! God is so smart, He knows exactly what we need to go through in order to trust Him! Thank you Jesus for the trials! Thanks Emma! Praying for your journey! Hope to see you soon!

Love, Sharon

Renee said...

Wonderful testimony Emma of how God provides for us. So happy for you and looking forward to hearing about all your adventures with God in Uganda..

Anneli said...

Oh Emma, God is SO GOOD! I remember being right where you were last year, except not quite as near my departure date! I was preparing to move to China in February and March and as of mid December had reached about 15% of my goal. But God IS faithful and i believe He provided 121% of my goal.

Rejoicing with you and praying for you as you take this huge step of faith in just a few short weeks!


Gloria said...

Oh Emma, I can't tell you how much your story has blessed me. I work for a mission org that reaches the nations that God has sent here with the hope that take the gospel back to their lands and support raising has been HARD. But over and over I've seen Him do the impossible. I've had my own front row seats of watching Him do it. No I'm not yet fully funded but as I faithfully serve Him, I see Him do the impossible! Praying you on dear Emma! God has greater things in store and I can't wait to see it all unfold for u.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Em.. Your so awesome. Have a blast,, I know you will. Your parents raised an awesome daughter.