Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Overwhelmed by HIS Blessings

I sit here overwhelmed by HIS goodness.

Emails and comments have been pouring in.

I am overwhelmed by HIS blessings.

He is always so faithful to me.

He knew my needs and has provided even more then I asked for!

Several of you have written and asked what else that I need.

My need list has pretty much been checked off!

{Update coming soon!}

Faithful. Faithful. God.

When God provides He never takes any 
short cuts He goes the whole way!

I am so humbled and amazed by you, my bloggy-friends! 

You are over the top generous!

Thank you so much for blessing me!

I am so touched, you all have been a tremendous blessing to me.

You guys are beyond amazing!

Thank you, Thank you!

May God lavish His blessings on you dear friends..

Uganda bound in 26 days..


Sherry F said...

Bless you sweet girl..when you say yes to God...he will do unimaginable things...our God is such an amazing daddy. He loves you so much..Be blessed and see you in 27days. ;-)

Rose said...

Hi, Emma! Cheering you on! God is going to do awesome things through you! Psalm 37. Annalisa

Anonymous said...

Emma, Still waiting on the update of needs, or even better WANTS!!!! Tee-hee, you can ask for something special for yourself!
Mary McG
in Tennessee