Thursday, November 29, 2012

Because So Many of You Asked

Recently I posted a story about the iPhone that God provided.

He is always so faithful to me.

Many of you read the story of exactly how God provided it.

If you haven't read, it check it out:

Faithful God - He always provides more then I can think or ask for!

When I posted the story of how I'd been praying that  God would provide, 

I received many emails, messages & comments from my sweet Bloggy friends,

Asking that I do a post listing my needs for moving full-time to Uganda in January.

With so many people responding, I decided to give in and post my list of current needs for moving.

When moving full time to Uganda, the things I have to pack are quite rare or a bit strange.

They are random and a little weird to post.

But since you all insisted here is a list of my most needed things.

Many of you may even have these items around your house or feel called to donate them.

Remember each item would be a tremendous blessing.

I've been praying for these items for awhile, and now since you all are so generous I've been encouraged to post

  my need list

I've been really needing a backpack, something lite-weight for carrying my things to and from the village and daily into the slums with supplies.

This is my ultimate dream backpack.

It's durable and lite-weight and an added bonus:  it's really cute.
It's even called "Traveling Soldier" backpack. 

This backpack is found on this site:


One of my other really big needs is Sheets.

To be honest I don't know a lot about sheets.

They've always been there and I sleep in them and don't give it another thought.

The best sheets would be 100% cotton size queen - I really need two sets of sheets.

I have no idea what size bed I will have however that's where pins can always work
 if turns out my bed is smaller.


Another huge need on my list is a rain jacket.

Rainy season is very wet and with walking being my main mode
 of transportation it's bound to be very wet.

My friends who already are based in Uganda suggested I get an REI rain jacket.

My favorite color is Purple so that'd be my dream rain jacket - size XS.

This REI jacket is found on the REI website:


With living in Uganda the drinking water is always an issue.

I've gotten sick many different times and it's not unusual to get food poisoning.

Thankfully with living full-time I will be preparing many of my own 
meals over a little Charcoal stove.

It's bound to be quite an adventure.

Due to traveling around villages and in the slums I really need this water bottle.

It's made by camel bak and can be found in most outdoor stores.

It's a purifier and cleans the water with a laser.

Which means the water is a lot cleaner and safer.


It's very dark at night in Uganda and often you will find me without Electricity.

There is often no power so you are found sitting in the dark.

In the villages where I will spend many nights with out running water or electricity,
it's really dark to walk to and from the latrine.  

{If you get what I mean}

A flashlight is a huge need.

Maybe you have an extra laying around the house that you would
 contribute to help me move to Uganda.
{Spare batteries would help as well.}


One need I have is for devotional books and life changing books or even a pastor dvd series to study with fellow missionaries as well as to use as teaching meterial.

Like Joyce Meyer or Billy Graham

I long to have some for personal use, as well as for the people I will be working with.

Maybe you have some you've read or your favorite you'd want to pass on?


One of my biggest needs is large suitcases.

The bigger and lighter the better.

I need them to carry my supplies and things to Uganda.

They also will be used for ministry as well.

I've been praying and searching the thrift stores but then I wondered if one of you,
 sweet bloggy friends,
 might have some you no longer need or maybe you'd want to help buy bags!

My dream would be a set of luggage matching. 

But I also happen to love mismatched things.

Below is me pictured with my beloved Green vintage suitcase
{compliments of our favorite thrift store!}.

However I would love if it had wheels.

I'm not nearly as strong as I look :}


I would love to have some board games and card games for long rainy days.
 as well as days off or days and evenings spent at the boys home
 or at the big kid orphanage.

Maybe games like UNO or scrabble or a deck of cards.


Towels and Washclothes  -  I need at least three sets - since all my laundry is hand washed by myself
and during rainy season it takes forrrrever to dry.

I really need these to take with me because they are very hard to find in Uganda.


My final need is an Umbrella

for rainy days and rainy season.

Somedays it pours and doesn't stop. 

But with walking to and from the slums I will be drenched without one.

The only preference is that it is lit weight and small enough to fit in a purse.

Thank you all so much for your time and for doing this for me! 

You seriously are the best of friends!

If you feel called or compelled to give,
 just send me an email and I will message you my address.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Marleigh Claire said...

That is all I need to say.

Renee said...

Hey Emma
Renee here from the Knee Team. Since I was just at the REI site today, never having gone before, looking at smartwool socks for this winter weather, I thought maybe we are supposed to buy you that jacket. If no one has said they will, we will....just tell me the color you would like in an XS.

Kathy said...

Can we make monetary donations, so you can get what you want and what others don't donate to you? Would love to send yo something to help.

The Keierleber Family said...

I will have money in December and I'd love to get one or more things off this list. :) once the money comes in I'll check with you to see what needs haven't been met, (I know this may be awkward for you- but maybe ask for those sending things to give you a heads up what they are sending so you can let us know so you don't end up with say 20 back packs). ;)


Deb said...

Such simple needs my dear. Praying that God will meet them all in a remarkable way.

Micah said...

I read your blog post yesterday and was moved to help but torn about which item to choose. I returned today and to my delight you had put up a "donate" button.... but I can't get it to work. boo. When I click it my screen goes to a "email this page to a friend" page. I clicked both "donate" icons. I'll check back though. I don't want to miss an opportunity to be a blessing to you.

Carolynne said...

I saw that you were looking for devotional type books and thought I would pass along a great resource. If you have a kindle app or something similar on your iphone these could be downloaded on there while you wait to go. I check every day. They list all the free and discounted Christian kindle books that are out there. There have been MANY devotionals and such that I have downloaded, plus it is also nice to know that the fiction books are from a Christian point of view. Hope this helps a little!

Alicia said...

Hey so maybe you already answered this but how woukd we get the things or the money for the thing?

Elizabethd said...

I would love to buy you some towels, Emma. Please email me at, to tell me where to buy and where to send. Maybe would have something suitable.

Joey Lynn said...

Please email me and I will buy you card games and an umbrella! My class is hoping that you will do the snack bags for the children that live on the streets. We are ready to send letters and snacks! Jllowe28atgmaildotcom.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email about sending you a flashlight.

Christie said...

I'd like to purchase you the water bottle. Please send me your address:
Blessings to you!

Justine said...

I would very much like to donate to you once you get your "donate" button working! I am so inspired by you. Thank you for obeying and going!

The Stewarts said...

Emma, send an update soon on any items people have already committed to. Like someone already said, we don't want you ending up with several back packs or rain jackets but no towels, etc.

I will definitely be helping you out with one of these items, but I'll check back in a day or 2 for an update.

Thanks for sharing and I'm praying for you,

Kristi O said...

Miss Emma I sent you and email ;)

K.A. said...

Hi Emma, I'm a longtime reader of your mom's blog who has spent time in Uganda. I'd recommend a rain jacket that covers your, errrr...rump (for lack of a better word). I really wished I had a longer rain jacket, you do end up wearing it a lot! Praying for you!

jenniferic98 said...


I'm thinking some headlamp type flashlights might be a great addition. Very light weight, batteries last a long time & your hands are free for the latrine or umbrella. Our family loves them. Email me your address and we'd love to send you a few. My 10 year old daughter, Skyler, thinks you're pretty special :)

Praying for you as your departure draws nearer.

-Jennifer in PA

Caralina said...

Okay, I know you have people in Uganda you are talking to, but I also live in Uganda and had a quick tip. If you haven't gotten the sheets yet, bright or dark colors are best. We have gotten white ones before and they get horribly messy. Especially since they get hung up outside with all the red dirt. I just saw that the picture had white sheet and thought I should warn you - we've learned the hard way.

Emily McLemore said...

My girls and I would love to get you something for the journey. Can you email me please and let me know if you have someone already sending the backpack.

Reflections said...

I have new queen size sheets set if you want them. God be with you.

One Love.


My boys said...

We would love to buy your backpack or any other time you still are in need of. Please just let us know!

Jessica said...

Hi Emma, please email me at jonions1919@gmail.Com and let me know what items you still need and I would love to help. Also, are you looking for monthly sponsorships as well? You are such an inspiration to us!!!

Simply Me said...

Love your new header! The Africa in the heart is perfect.

Wendy R said...

So inspired by you! I literally just found $60 in a change purse that I had "hidden from myself". It's been in there for over 4 months. I think I know someone who will put it to great use! Found the money and read your blog all within the same hour. Must be GOD helping provide for you even more! Donating by way of the DONATE button. Good Luck to you and may GOD bless you always. Wendy

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what you still need and I will get it for you. Enjoyed meeting you at the Cracfker Barrel in Knoxville. You are a special young lady!!!!

Mama misty said...

Hi Emma, I just hopped over to your blog from your moms, I've been reading hers for a few years now. I saw you mention towels and then the wet, rainy season & thought of the Norwex company. They have lightweight towels & cloths that might work well for you, they wick well & dry quickly; check out the website for more info. God's Blessings on your journey!

George M said...

I spent 6 months in Uganda and am looking to go back, for towels I would definitely recommend microfibre ones like this :
They are light, fold up really small, are easy to wash and dry quickly! And many of them have antibaterial stuff in so you don't get that nasty damp smell. Good luck with your trip, and maybe we'll meet one day!