Monday, September 10, 2012

Vincent- Dying of Eye Cancer. Would you pray?

Sometimes the stories I tell are about happiness.

 Sometimes they are filled with many tears as I type.

All my stories are from the heart: 

actual events and moments that took place in Africa
stories that have happened at home.

Today my story goes back to a rural village.

About an hour outside of Kampala.

Over bumpy roads and ruts in the road.

Through jungle and brush.

Past mud huts and into the bush.

where we found

"Praise House"

 The place where we were put in a water filter system and held a VBS for her kids and the village kids. 

That day I was caught up in the hub of activity as the kids welcomed us with dancing and singing.

We sat on little wood benches and watched with amazement as these children sang of their Savior.

I laughed and snapped pictures - just enjoying their performance.

Not until awhile later did I actually notice him.

A friend of mine pulled me aside and asked if I had seen him,

 "You know, the little boy who is sick with cancer."

I was speechless.

I hadn't seen a sick little boy at all.

I had been too caught up in the whirlwind of the activity to notice him.

I was on a mission then.

Searching through the little children's faces here and there,
I looked everywhere for the boy she had described.

Not until I neared the porch did I find him.

He sat there with his feet dangling from the edge as he stared out.

All day I hadn't taken the time to see him.

He'd been there but somehow with the commotion I missed his sweet little face.

I sat down next to him as the rain began to pound on the roof.

Tears falling.

How could I miss HIM Lord?

How had I missed this precious little guy?

I talked with director and she told me his story.

He was abandoned and left by his mother.

He was deemed as worthless.

{Please note I am not blaming his mother}
medical care is hard to come by.

The mom had figured it would be easier to leave him now then to have him die before her eyes.

Often in Uganda if you can't feed your kids then you obviously won't be able to afford medical care or transport to the government's free hospital.

And this little guy was dying right before my eyes.

I cuddled him and whispered words of love.

I handed him some "goodies" that I had brought with me.

{Thank you project snack bag}

He broke my heart in more ways then one.

Who knew a little boy in a village could change your world?

Please meet


dying of eye cancer in a rural village.

He is Treasured by God.

Vincent is now receiving medical care through International Voice of the Orphan
medical sponsorship program and we are praying for his healing.

Will you join me in praying for Vincent's healing?

If you would like to help, send me an email,
which is located on the sidebar.