Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympics. Just loving it!

Don't you just love the Olympics?

I had a layover in London recently on my way home from Uganda.

 I was able to see the preparations for the Olympics!

It was so beautiful.

                           {My Dad and I...Notice clock in the background? Just 41 days before!}

Countries around the globe coming together for this event to compete.

It's so very exciting!

I, for one, am routing for several different teams!

I love the USA of course.

I also am cheering for Uganda!

I'm sure you didn't guess that one, right?


But I also find myself cheering for several others as we go.

You know how they do private interviews with some of the athletes?

Yea so - usually after that I also begin to cheer for them specifically as well.

I just love sitting in front of the TV and watching.

How amazing is it to have  people from different,

cultures, languages and countries come together for this one event!

I just love it - anything and everything about the Olympics is just AMAZING!


Jolene said...

I really enjoy the Olympics for the small countries that win big...or the dirt poor, dirt floor winners who inspire their entire country to dream big! God is so good to give us such great hope...I pray that ALL will put their hopes in Him!

Allison Young said...

Hey, I am wanting to volunteer in Africa for a month or maybe two. I have siblings from Ethiopia and friends there, so I want to be able to work in an orphanage there for awhile. But, I also keep on finding myself thinking about Uganda although I've never been there. I would love to get your suggestions on places to work and stay. You can email me at if you want. Allison Young