Monday, August 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Cooking for 700+

I've been thinking about dinner.

No not that I am hungry this moment.

But i've been thinking about dinner in general.


The meal that brings family & friends together.

You just slaved in the kitchen,

the people around the table don't always say thank you.

Which can result in frustration.

All they saw was the finished product.

They didn't notice all the little details that become a meal.

You go to the store to buy groceries and all you see is the finished project.

For some reason many times we forget the details.

We fail to realize what goes into making dinner.

Sometimes we just think "Wow, this is good".

Yet it's easy to forget about the people in the background.

The chef at a restaurant - working behind the scences to prepare exactly what you ordered.

Easy to just eat.

Ask for the bill and forget the details.

Easy for us -to forget what went into the meal behind the scenes.

I sit here in awe of the Ugandan woman.

Across the world from me as they prepare and slave over hot charcoal to prepare a meal.

Larger then any of us can imagine.

When I was in Uganda during the pastors conference

I decided to wonder around and chat with some of my Ugandan friends.

Little did I know across the tent behind the church was several
of the local village ladies slaving over hot charcoal.

They were preparing dinner for the pastors.

I don't even know how I would begin to plan dinner for 700+ people!!

Yet they just add a bit more of this and a bit of that.

They sit in the hot sun.

Over smoldering charcoal and they cook.

Laughing and talking with each other as they make dinner.

They never once complain.

It takes averagely 12+ hours to make a simple meal of Rice &
beans along with a few side dishes.

Can you even begin to imagine?

What does it take to make a meal for 700+ people?

Lot's of hard work.

Seriously these woman just amaze me!

Meet my beautiful friend's.

Aren't they so beautiful?

{My dear friends and me}

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympics. Just loving it!

Don't you just love the Olympics?

I had a layover in London recently on my way home from Uganda.

 I was able to see the preparations for the Olympics!

It was so beautiful.

                           {My Dad and I...Notice clock in the background? Just 41 days before!}

Countries around the globe coming together for this event to compete.

It's so very exciting!

I, for one, am routing for several different teams!

I love the USA of course.

I also am cheering for Uganda!

I'm sure you didn't guess that one, right?


But I also find myself cheering for several others as we go.

You know how they do private interviews with some of the athletes?

Yea so - usually after that I also begin to cheer for them specifically as well.

I just love sitting in front of the TV and watching.

How amazing is it to have  people from different,

cultures, languages and countries come together for this one event!

I just love it - anything and everything about the Olympics is just AMAZING!