Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ugandan Soil

One of my favorite feelings when I first arrive back in Uganda

is when I sink my feet into the rich African Soil and

when I feel the dirt on my skin after a long day of working.

When my Dad and I were first there we came up with this saying:

"Once the African dirt gets in your skin you can never get it off it gives you an itch to go back again"

The dirt is orange and is always sinking into my toes as we work.

Whether it's sneakers or sandals,

On my skin,

On my legs,

All over my clothes -  it's always EVERYWHERE!

But I have come to love the feel of it,

"Why" you may ask?!

Because it means I am there where my heart longs to be...

it means I am in Uganda!


Angie said...

OK, so how long before you make the move there permanently? Very, very exciting!!!!

Kelli and Mark said...

Love to read your blog and your mom's too! I totally understand your comment about the soil. I've traveled to the same little valley in the Baja of Mexico for 13 years doing mission work. I love it there and call it my second home. I always talk about the brown/orange soil/sand and how it's everywhere! But I always can dust it off of your shoes, clothes, etc. but you will NEVER be able to dust it off of your heart. Keep up the awesome work.

Sylvia Phillips said...

Lovely, sweet girl!! The world is a better place because of you! May God's blessings and protection be always upon you!!

Caleigh said...

I'v never been to Uganda but I long to go so badly! I'm praying for a way to get there and have seen two but it was not in Gods plan

Anonymous said...

I follow your mother's blog which led me to yours. I am sooo amazed and impressed by your dedication and love for the orphans of Uganda. I look forward to following your wonderful work in the years to come.
Many Blessings,

Rebecca said...

Emma... Happy 19th birthday! What a treasure you are to the world. I read your moms blog today with tears in my eyes. My deepest longing is to raise my children to love the Lord and serve Him with humble hearts. You make your family proud and give us others mamas hope! Prayers for you today as you prepare to leave for Uganda.

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...