Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

My oldest brother has just been d*ployed.

Which brought a whole new meaning to the Fourth of July.

The day that our independence was granted.

The reason we have Freedom today is because of our troops overseas.

They leave their families and stand up so that we may enjoy our beautiful land of Liberty.

It is because of our brave Men and Woman in the US milit*ry that 
we are able to stand proud of our country.

It is because of these brave men that put everything on the line, 
their lives and families, 

they go across the world into the night on our behalf so that we may sleep soundly 
and safe in our beds at night.

 So thankful and proud of my hero Brother!!


Anonymous said...

I am Thankful for your brother too Emma! I am also Thankful that God placed him in your family for such a time as this! Janet

Serena said...

I am so thankful for the sacrifice that all of the men and women in the military make to protect our country and our freedom.