Friday, July 27, 2012

Confession of an Obsession

I have a confession.

It's a big one for me to share.

I have an obsession.

Not just a little obsession either.

Do you really want to know? 

{My feet in London England}

I have an obsession with feet.

I love them.

An insane amount.

{My feet with my baby}

I love feet and  I love toes.

{My Uganda feet}

I love to take pictures of other people's feet.

Some people think that they are gross.

But I have happen to just love feet, I think they are just beautiful!

{my feet at the source of the Nile -Uganda}

I have loved feet since I was little -  I love baby feet, young feet, old feet and in-between feet.

{my Mom's and my feet on the Streets of England}

I think feet are so so beautiful.

So if you happen to be near me and see me with my camera don't be surprised if I take a picture of your feet :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ugandan Soil

One of my favorite feelings when I first arrive back in Uganda

is when I sink my feet into the rich African Soil and

when I feel the dirt on my skin after a long day of working.

When my Dad and I were first there we came up with this saying:

"Once the African dirt gets in your skin you can never get it off it gives you an itch to go back again"

The dirt is orange and is always sinking into my toes as we work.

Whether it's sneakers or sandals,

On my skin,

On my legs,

All over my clothes -  it's always EVERYWHERE!

But I have come to love the feel of it,

"Why" you may ask?!

Because it means I am there where my heart longs to be...

it means I am in Uganda!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

My oldest brother has just been d*ployed.

Which brought a whole new meaning to the Fourth of July.

The day that our independence was granted.

The reason we have Freedom today is because of our troops overseas.

They leave their families and stand up so that we may enjoy our beautiful land of Liberty.

It is because of our brave Men and Woman in the US milit*ry that 
we are able to stand proud of our country.

It is because of these brave men that put everything on the line, 
their lives and families, 

they go across the world into the night on our behalf so that we may sleep soundly 
and safe in our beds at night.

 So thankful and proud of my hero Brother!!