Friday, June 22, 2012

Then I blinked

{The runway as we leave Uganda}

You know that moment when you look forward to something and countdown the days till it happens?

Like the time you countdown as a child to Christmas
 and all the sudden it's over and the magic is gone?

How about when you long to see your family that lives far away.
You count down the time till you reunited again.

Then all the  sudden you blink and it has come and gone.

All your left with is the memories.

The photographs.

The stories of the time you shared.

The time passes all to soon.

Like the moment when  I am counting down till I am reunited with My Uganda again.

I countdown the minutes,hours,days,months, till I am where God has called me.

Then I blink.

It's all over the trip has come and gone.

All I am left with is the memories.

The photographs.

The stories.

Now is the time to look back over all the wonderful moments and to open up the old journal and share the stories of what God is doing in East Africa!

....Stay Tuned the stories are just beginning....


Joanne Reddell said...

I always love reading your stories of "your Uganda". I can't wait for you to start sharing the new stories.

emily said...

This is exactly how i feel... All the memories. And they are so quick to come flooding back. Now again I start the countdown once more. Looking forward to your stories! It was so awesome to meet you. Hopefully I'll see you again oneday soon.. in Uganda!

Beth said...

Hi Emma, you don't know me but I came across your blog though a friend that I think knows your family. Anyways, I love what you are doing! I also have a deep love for Uganda. My husband is from there and we are moving back there this fall as full time missionaries. We have a ministry and are headed back to run it full time. Maybe we'll meet there someday. Keep on loving endlessly!

Jodi said...

Looking forward to reading your Uganda stories! I've been praying for you, more so since reading about the baby going to be with Jesus. How hard! I cried and cried! You have a wonderful heart! Thanks for sharing!