Monday, June 18, 2012

Hopin' grass hoppers for dinner

Wondering whats for dinner in Uganda?

That's right grass hoppers! 


Yummy right?

If  they are fried right they taste like peanuts or maybe chips.

If fried wrong they taste juicy in the middle.

Yea that'd mean you taste the guts!

But really they are terribly delicious.

Ugandan's eat handfuls.

I decided for my first time I'd start with only one!

Then I dug in for the kill.

I mean they were already dead.

But it was a bit hard to eat if I looked at there eyes.

It turns out they were mighty delicious!

Anybody want some?

I do have a full pail you know!


Emma-Noelle said...

They Look SO gross. But I thought worms were gross in China and they weren't so bad!

Chris and Sarah said...

God did know what he was doing when he gave you the heart to live in Uganda and not me, lol.

When do you get to move there?

Angi said...

I've had crickets before and they are surprisingly not bad! If you just don't look at them right? They reminded me of sunflower seeds :) Here's to you trying all sorts of crazy things as you follow Jesus!