Saturday, June 9, 2012

The baby under a blanket

 It all happened the night we went to go play football with the boy's of API.
We wondered on a dirt road that was fit for only one.

We walked single file all of us.

Two miles and several conversations later,

We finally reached the clearing of the football game.

I was lagging behind as I was talking with the boys.

By the time I wondered into the clearing  the game was in full swing.

I quickly dropped my water and laced my shoes.

Then as I ran to join the game,

 I felt the Lord tell me to turn around.

I quickly turned around and saw a woman wonder into the clearing.

She was carrying a sheet over her shoulder.

It looked to be that just maybe it was a baby.

I practically ran over to talk to her.

I said  to her "baby" and she lifted the sheet.

Inside was the tiniest baby that was barely clinging to life.

I asked to hold the baby and I discovered not only was this baby malnourished.

But this baby also has down syndrome.

Precious little bundle that was not going to make it much longer.

The ladies from the team gathered around and all wanted a turn to hold this little bundle.

After giving the Mama some snacks she took the baby from me and disappeared.

I felt desperate.

What was going to happen to this little baby!

We gathered and began to pray that God would show us where this little baby is.

That God would let us have another opportunity to help this Mama and Baby.

As the game ended and we began our long walk back
 one of the team members said "is that the mama?"

God is so good!

Yes it was her not only had he answered our prayer
but she was only feet from where we had been praying!


Anonymous said...

This blog post touchd my heart. I spent some time working with special needs children in Uganda at a place called Dawn Special Children's Centre - it's located in Bukoto, Kampala and is run by a woman called Namaganda Florence - Dawn provides therapy, education about disability for parents, and day care for children and it's free if families can not afford it. Maybe Dawn could help this family?

Nancy said...

Oh, Emma, your heart justs shines right out from your posts! I am SO excited to watch as God moves you into ministry in YOUR Uganda. And I dearly hope that somehow, someway, sometime I can come over and love on some of your babies when you are there! :)

Hugs from Nancy in CT

Serena said...

Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. We are praying for your team multiple times a day. You are amazing myfriend- a testimony of Jesus' love in
action! Praying for you and this baby tonight.

Nancy said...

Oh, Emma...your heart for these little ones and your Lord shines through so brightly! I am so honored to be part of your journey. Can't wait to hear more about this precious treasure. And I dearly hope that someday, someway, somehow I will have the privilege to come to visit you in YOUR Uganda and cuddle some of your babies!

Hugs and love...Nancy in CT (who can't wait to meet you and your family in a few weeks!)