Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The baby under a blanket - Safe in the arm's of Jesus

{she fell asleep holding my hair}

       When I met baby Musenei 

 I knew God had brought us here for a such a time as this as it says in Esther 4:14.

All skin and bones, no doubt, God had brought her into our lives for a reason.

She was so precious. 

A sweet little bundle struggling for life.

I couldn't imagine just turning around and walking away and praying that God would heal her.

What kind of person would I have been if I just prayed for her and let her be.

But now looking back I know God brought her into my life for a reason.

Was I simply going to walk away or do something?

A little frail bundle underneath a blanket would have been easy to ignore.

But it was like a little nudging from Jesus.

Asking me would I do something?

Now I am sitting home looking back at the weeks in Uganda I know she was put there for a reason.

She was the first baby I've ever been able to truly help.

She was what I've always dreamed of rescuing little bundles of caring for the Orphan and the needy.

She was my first hands on Experience.

Baby Musenei was a little gift from Jesus.

Like a little kiss from Heaven of God telling me that's what His call on my life is.

Through finding her and the mama and taking them to the hospital I was able to show them Jesus.

To them I was able to be Jesus's hands and feet.

Below is a picture of the hospital that I wondered back and fourth from building to building
 with Mama and baby.
Baby Musenei was a little cutie barely weighting four pounds.

Her feet were the size of my thumb.

                       The Mama also had four other kiddo's at home so she wasn't sure how long they could stay in the hospital for.

I contacted a friend with a nutrition clinic and we were working out the details for her to be moved there.

I left Uganda and was still emailing details for who would be in charge of moving baby M.

Then this evening I decided to log on and check my email.

While it loaded  I anxiously waited for news on baby M.

The emails loaded and I quickly scanned and clicked on the email from my brother George 
{who I left in charge of baby M and mama}

As I read the news my heart stopped.

Baby M has passed away.

This morning at 2am she went to be with Jesus.

My heart grieves for the little baby girl I cuddled and whispered how much Jesus loves her.

Today the Mama is being taken back to the village with the body of sweet baby M.

Where they shell have the burial service.

I believe it must have been her heart.

Down syndrome combined with the malnutrition and the holes in her heart where too much for her little frail body to handle.

I know even though her life was short she has made a permaneant mark on my heart. 

A few days ago I was cuddling her in my arms.

Yet today she is in the Arm's of Jesus.

No more suffering.

No more pain.

I'm grieving the loss of her in my life.

You will always be missed baby Musenei!


Chad Candace said...

WOW Em! What a story! You certainly were the hands and feet of Jesus. I am sure the Momma will never forget what you did for her baby. And if she doesn't know Jesus...maybe the love you showed her and her family will point her straight to HIM! Keep up the GOOD work! :) God Bless You, Emma!!

Janet said...

Crying as I read this. Emma Thank You for being the hands and feet of Jesus! Janet

Joanne Reddell said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how you feel after losing this sweet lil' treasure. I'm so glad that you were able to reach out with the love of Jesus to Baby M & her mom in such a beautiful way. I'm glad that you were able to minister to baby M by loving, holding, kissing her all those days. You have a very special call on your life and I'm excited to see where God takes you and how He uses you. Bless you!!

Elaine French said...

Emma, I am so sorry to learn that this little angel has been called home. I followed the blog during your stay in Uganda. (I'm Craig's mom). You need to feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to minister to Baby M and her mom. She is now in Jesus' embrace, safe forever

Chris and Sarah said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Chrisann said...

So precious, Emma. How proud the Father must be of you as you were willing to get involved and love this sweet child of His. I'm so sorry to hear of her death - but know that she is eternally comforted and healed. Blessings, sweet Emma.

Sara said...

Emma, I love your heart and the tenderness Jesus has given you to love like he does. I wish I could've held her too, but I'm so thankful that she's in Jesus' arms now. Thank you, sweet girl.

Andrea said...

Em, crying while reading this too... had the same experience with a baby in Ethiopia... only she didn't have a momma to bury her. My heart still grieves for her... praying for your sweet heart!!!

inked33 said...

thank you for sharing your heart and this story. thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus, not only to all of these people in uganda, but also here...on your blog. your heart for Jesus and your obedience to your calling is refreshing and inspiring.

Susan A said...

Oh, I am so sorry, Emma :(