Sunday, June 10, 2012

The baby under a blanket - part two

 We found the Mama and the baby in a little hut,
 surrounded by a sea of faces all gathered around a little couch.

 We began to talk through a translator  in Luganda
 {the local language}

We asked if we could help?

If she wanted our help then we would take her to the nutrition clinic in Kampala. 

The baby was desperately sick.

All skin and bones.

I couldn't help but think that God had brought us here for such a time as this.

We conversed back and fourth and she was so thankful that we wanted to help.

We arranged Uncle Peter to "pick her" and the baby and bring them to meet me in the city.

The neighbors even came over to thank us!

The next morning the Mama and the baby arrived dressed in there best -
as if they were going to church!

So excited that we were going to the nutrition clinic.

We drove through the city and I prayed that God would give us favor.

We arrived at the hospital {the biggest in Uganda}

and made our way to the nutrition clinic.

I believe I was about the only Muzungu in the entire hospital!

 An American girl carrying a sick baby made quite a scene.

Everyone would stop and watch as its not often that a foreigner  is in a Ugandan hospital let alone carrying an African baby!

We kept being told to go for different tests.

Lines where huge but every time God gave us favor!

A whole day passed as we wondered one building to the next.

Everytime we had favor.

One of the doctors sent us for a ct-scan for the heart.

The baby was diagnosed with two holes in her heart.

She is five months old.

Weighing 4 pounds.

Skin and bones.

She also has down syndrome.

She has been checked into the ward and now moved to the nutrition ward.

Will you please pray that God will heal this precious baby Girl?

The Mama can not say "Thank you" Enough.

She consistently keeps saying Thank you!

Thank you for all your prayers please pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in this situation!


Angie said...

Just like all are there "for such a time as this." So when is this going to be your home, Emma? I bet you'd love to stay now!

Kat said...

Praying and so thankful you were there for God to use you....

Chrisann said...

What an amazing opportunity. Praying for them right now.

Jamie said...

Anonymous said...

I am praying! Janet

Janet said...

I am praying! Janet

Serena said...

I am praying that you will have favor with all of the hospital staff and that a way will be made so that her heart can be repaired.

shanna said...

Emma, is there anything we can do from here to help you pay for this babies on going medical treatment?? No doubt she will be there for awhile...