Friday, June 22, 2012

Then I blinked

{The runway as we leave Uganda}

You know that moment when you look forward to something and countdown the days till it happens?

Like the time you countdown as a child to Christmas
 and all the sudden it's over and the magic is gone?

How about when you long to see your family that lives far away.
You count down the time till you reunited again.

Then all the  sudden you blink and it has come and gone.

All your left with is the memories.

The photographs.

The stories of the time you shared.

The time passes all to soon.

Like the moment when  I am counting down till I am reunited with My Uganda again.

I countdown the minutes,hours,days,months, till I am where God has called me.

Then I blink.

It's all over the trip has come and gone.

All I am left with is the memories.

The photographs.

The stories.

Now is the time to look back over all the wonderful moments and to open up the old journal and share the stories of what God is doing in East Africa!

....Stay Tuned the stories are just beginning....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The baby under a blanket - Safe in the arm's of Jesus

{she fell asleep holding my hair}

       When I met baby Musenei 

 I knew God had brought us here for a such a time as this as it says in Esther 4:14.

All skin and bones, no doubt, God had brought her into our lives for a reason.

She was so precious. 

A sweet little bundle struggling for life.

I couldn't imagine just turning around and walking away and praying that God would heal her.

What kind of person would I have been if I just prayed for her and let her be.

But now looking back I know God brought her into my life for a reason.

Was I simply going to walk away or do something?

A little frail bundle underneath a blanket would have been easy to ignore.

But it was like a little nudging from Jesus.

Asking me would I do something?

Now I am sitting home looking back at the weeks in Uganda I know she was put there for a reason.

She was the first baby I've ever been able to truly help.

She was what I've always dreamed of rescuing little bundles of caring for the Orphan and the needy.

She was my first hands on Experience.

Baby Musenei was a little gift from Jesus.

Like a little kiss from Heaven of God telling me that's what His call on my life is.

Through finding her and the mama and taking them to the hospital I was able to show them Jesus.

To them I was able to be Jesus's hands and feet.

Below is a picture of the hospital that I wondered back and fourth from building to building
 with Mama and baby.
Baby Musenei was a little cutie barely weighting four pounds.

Her feet were the size of my thumb.

                       The Mama also had four other kiddo's at home so she wasn't sure how long they could stay in the hospital for.

I contacted a friend with a nutrition clinic and we were working out the details for her to be moved there.

I left Uganda and was still emailing details for who would be in charge of moving baby M.

Then this evening I decided to log on and check my email.

While it loaded  I anxiously waited for news on baby M.

The emails loaded and I quickly scanned and clicked on the email from my brother George 
{who I left in charge of baby M and mama}

As I read the news my heart stopped.

Baby M has passed away.

This morning at 2am she went to be with Jesus.

My heart grieves for the little baby girl I cuddled and whispered how much Jesus loves her.

Today the Mama is being taken back to the village with the body of sweet baby M.

Where they shell have the burial service.

I believe it must have been her heart.

Down syndrome combined with the malnutrition and the holes in her heart where too much for her little frail body to handle.

I know even though her life was short she has made a permaneant mark on my heart. 

A few days ago I was cuddling her in my arms.

Yet today she is in the Arm's of Jesus.

No more suffering.

No more pain.

I'm grieving the loss of her in my life.

You will always be missed baby Musenei!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hopin' grass hoppers for dinner

Wondering whats for dinner in Uganda?

That's right grass hoppers! 


Yummy right?

If  they are fried right they taste like peanuts or maybe chips.

If fried wrong they taste juicy in the middle.

Yea that'd mean you taste the guts!

But really they are terribly delicious.

Ugandan's eat handfuls.

I decided for my first time I'd start with only one!

Then I dug in for the kill.

I mean they were already dead.

But it was a bit hard to eat if I looked at there eyes.

It turns out they were mighty delicious!

Anybody want some?

I do have a full pail you know!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The baby under a blanket - part two

 We found the Mama and the baby in a little hut,
 surrounded by a sea of faces all gathered around a little couch.

 We began to talk through a translator  in Luganda
 {the local language}

We asked if we could help?

If she wanted our help then we would take her to the nutrition clinic in Kampala. 

The baby was desperately sick.

All skin and bones.

I couldn't help but think that God had brought us here for such a time as this.

We conversed back and fourth and she was so thankful that we wanted to help.

We arranged Uncle Peter to "pick her" and the baby and bring them to meet me in the city.

The neighbors even came over to thank us!

The next morning the Mama and the baby arrived dressed in there best -
as if they were going to church!

So excited that we were going to the nutrition clinic.

We drove through the city and I prayed that God would give us favor.

We arrived at the hospital {the biggest in Uganda}

and made our way to the nutrition clinic.

I believe I was about the only Muzungu in the entire hospital!

 An American girl carrying a sick baby made quite a scene.

Everyone would stop and watch as its not often that a foreigner  is in a Ugandan hospital let alone carrying an African baby!

We kept being told to go for different tests.

Lines where huge but every time God gave us favor!

A whole day passed as we wondered one building to the next.

Everytime we had favor.

One of the doctors sent us for a ct-scan for the heart.

The baby was diagnosed with two holes in her heart.

She is five months old.

Weighing 4 pounds.

Skin and bones.

She also has down syndrome.

She has been checked into the ward and now moved to the nutrition ward.

Will you please pray that God will heal this precious baby Girl?

The Mama can not say "Thank you" Enough.

She consistently keeps saying Thank you!

Thank you for all your prayers please pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in this situation!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The baby under a blanket

 It all happened the night we went to go play football with the boy's of API.
We wondered on a dirt road that was fit for only one.

We walked single file all of us.

Two miles and several conversations later,

We finally reached the clearing of the football game.

I was lagging behind as I was talking with the boys.

By the time I wondered into the clearing  the game was in full swing.

I quickly dropped my water and laced my shoes.

Then as I ran to join the game,

 I felt the Lord tell me to turn around.

I quickly turned around and saw a woman wonder into the clearing.

She was carrying a sheet over her shoulder.

It looked to be that just maybe it was a baby.

I practically ran over to talk to her.

I said  to her "baby" and she lifted the sheet.

Inside was the tiniest baby that was barely clinging to life.

I asked to hold the baby and I discovered not only was this baby malnourished.

But this baby also has down syndrome.

Precious little bundle that was not going to make it much longer.

The ladies from the team gathered around and all wanted a turn to hold this little bundle.

After giving the Mama some snacks she took the baby from me and disappeared.

I felt desperate.

What was going to happen to this little baby!

We gathered and began to pray that God would show us where this little baby is.

That God would let us have another opportunity to help this Mama and Baby.

As the game ended and we began our long walk back
 one of the team members said "is that the mama?"

God is so good!

Yes it was her not only had he answered our prayer
but she was only feet from where we had been praying!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Widow to Grandma

              {all the Widow's and my dear friend Sara and Me}

James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: 
to look after orphans and widows in their distress."

In February we had a chance to minister to widows in a village in Tororo Eastern Uganda.

The ladies where so welcoming and it was a pleasure to sit and talk with these ladies.

One lady in particular stopped and had me sit  and she talked with me.
She shared with me that she would be my Ugandan Grandma.
That when I am in America I will say
 "aww I miss my grandma"

She was precious and continued to tell me that she would call me in Luganda 

"Sunshine" Because to her I bring her Sunshine.

She was so loving and  really after sitting and talking with her, I can still picture my Ugandan grandma.

Who would have thought I would go into a village and leave with a Grandma?!

Below my Ugandan Grandma and me

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

feet on the ground

My feet have landed on the ground. 

It feels so Good for my feet to be on Ugandan soil again!

So thankful God has called me to this beautiful country.

The flights went smooth and all of our team made it safety to Europe! 

We are one rocking' awesome team of 20+.

We are pumped to be here and we can't wait to spread God's love all over Uganda!

It's so fun our team is made up of people from all over the United States we have people from:

Ohio,Arizona,California,Pennsylvania,Louisiana,New york, South Carolina, West Virginia,Indiana,North Carolina and Cincinnati!

So crazy how God works and brought us all together!

Please be praying for us as we share God's love in Uganda.

Please pray for protection and for God to really break our hearts for what breaks his.

I'll be posting as often as I can:)



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just three days!

In just 3 days I will be back where my heart longs to be.

I will be dirty,sweaty,and have my arms full of little treasures. 

Saturday's are the day that no volunteers come.

It's the most busy cause they are short on staff.

It's the day I have trouble leaving to even go up and grab a bite to eat.

I just want to sit. 

Rock babies.

Whisper how God loves them.

Kiss boo boo's.

Make life a little brighter for the day.

Give the kids a reason to smile.

It's difficult as I can't even imagine day after day feeling like you've lost all hope.

Just sitting there is making a difference for all 50+ treasures.



Please be praying for our journey as we travel across the ocean!

Soon babies soon..

I'm coming...