Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project snack bag - my heart overflows

I've been so touched by all of your generosity with Project snack bag!
We have been blessed with so many snack bags,
 that they have completely filled my living room!

What joy it was to open the boxes and pack them for traveling to Uganda in just 3 days! 

It's been so exciting and blessed to open them and see all the notes & colored pictures along with lots of family pictures! 

{seriously cutest note's ever}

It was really so special to know these kid's are going to feel the love all the way across the ocean.

Powerful isn't it?

Really I am so proud of you my sweet bloggy friends who have stepped up to the plate to make a difference in  these precious street children's life. 
{precious aren't they?}

I am so excited for the days that we walk the streets and share how God loves these children.

Please be praying for there hearts to be prepared to hear about God's love.

{aren't they the cutest family?}

From all the precious street children
who's lives are about to be touched,

Thank you!

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Natali said...

That is a happy cry tear-jerker right there! :)