Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Street children - project snack bag

{Some of my new friends with me after PB&J day with the street children of Kampala}

In my past trips to Uganda my heart has felt so burdened for the street children of Kampala. 

You pass them on the street.

There silence and their outstretched hands are embedded in my mind.

Begging for anything. 

A crumb from your table. 

Yet here I sit with left overs in my fridge.

But again and again I find myself not wanting the old leftovers.

Wanting something new for dinner, something fresh.

But today my mind is stuck in that place, that time. 

A different world then where I am sitting in today.

Laying on my floor in my nice home.

With my fan blowing.

Yet today in a different part of the world.

Street children wander the street.

They are hungry.

Their tummies are rumbling.

Yet here I sit with my iced tea.

It seems pretty cruel, the plate they were dished.

You may ask why did I get this life in America?

Why did they get the life in Uganda as street children?

I believe it must have been so eyes could be opened.

So that through missionary's stories of Africa

we would be compelled to go. 

Compelled to give.

Compelled to adopt.

Compelled to do something.

Mother Teresa was one quoted :

"I may not be able to change the whole world but I can change the world for one person"

Everyone of us can do something to help.

So in my past trips I got to thinking.

Since many of the street children are being watched
 and the money you give them will  be taken from them....

What if we did something tangible?

What if instead of filling another person's pockets....

instead, we filled these precious kiddo's tummies?

So that's when we got to talking.

What if the whole blog world came together?

What if we gathered our friends & family?

What if we gathered our church?

 What if we all worked together to do something special for these kids?

So instead of us passing them by,

we make a difference in there life.

We show them the love of Jesus.

By doing something that would blow their minds.

By showing them the love of Jesus.

Hopeless, Orphaned and Homeless.

That they matter to US!

Not only to God, but also to US!

What do you say sweet bloggy friends?

Want to join me?

Here's what you need to join our team and be a part of:


A sandwich size snack bag.


A little note or a picture - maybe also a picture of your family
{if they are unable to read, we will try to read it to them.}

Some snacks - a granola bar, fruit snacks, crackers and candy are always welcome.

Then instead of these precious children going hungry.

There tummies will be full for the day.

What do you say are you in?

The IVO June Team will have the privilege of distributing the snack bags.

Please send all  PROJECT SNACK BAG donations to the address below.

International Voice of the Orphan
3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A-109-305
Phoenix, AZ 85086-2599


Marleigh Claire said...

Totally on board!

whitney said...

I love this. I'll be sending some!

Holly said...

Love it!

anita said...

Do you want us to actually pack the bags and send them to you? Or packages of snacks etc., to put in the baggies?

Rachel said...

Oh gosh Emmy...

I left this comment on your mom's blog too... because Itty Bit remembered you when you came to visit Ty.

We needed this picture.

Itty Bit kind of sort of understood the backpack project, but when I showed him this picture, it put faces to it for him.

He remembered you and smiled.

I read the post to Mr. Daddy.. not realizing that little ears were listening.

"Mommy? When are we going to do the project?" "What project honey?" "The one with the bags and the snacks for the kids".

Except... that he asked me over and over again tonight.

Emmy, these bags will be filled with love from a 5-year old boy who wants to help hungry children.

I've been praying - how to teach and nurture kindness and caring and REAL LOVE. And this picture is what he needed.

Wait til you get your box from Itty Bit :)

Chris and Sarah said...

Awesome idea!!! My Girl Scouts have been learning about water this year and we have been talking about kiddos in other countries that don't have clean water and food to eat so you now just gave me our project for Monday night :)

Carrie said...

Love this Emma! My family will be doing this! When I brought my son home from Ethiopia I had packed granola bars to hand to children that came around when we walked to his orphanage. One child quickly became so many more, and I was so sad I did not have enough for them all.

Two Coupon Moms said...

Hey Em!
I just shared this on my blog!!!
I'm hoping lots of people will respond!! Thanks for a great opportunity!

Emily said...

Would a drawstring bag or something like the Subway kids meal bags work too instead of the plastic bag?
Love your heart and the heart of your family!

Louis said...

Hey can my youth group do it maybe ???

Nita said...

You got it...Iowa is starting to work on it...God bless you sweetie!

Journey for the Orphan said...

Emma I love this idea. We where out today and there was 4 or 5 kids that came up to me that we work with in the program and I wish I had something like this to give to them. It would have made there day. We stopped and visited with them for a while, this alone is huge. Most people do not treat these street kids like they are even human. They just need love.

Renae said...

SO excited to be a part of this!!!:)

valerie in TX said...

Hi Emma, I'm visiting from your mom's blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! I visited Uganda for the first time last summer, and God instantly and firmly implanted that country and it's beautiful people in my heart. I have fervently asked Him to show me more ways I can help them. So we are in!! I would love for my children to help with this project too, to have a way to tangibly help children on the other side of the world. Love this!

I'm actually going back to Uganda in June, too. I'll be traveling with Visiting Orphans. I think we get there just about the time you guys leave. :( But I will love being there and knowing that some of our snack bags have just been handed out to (possibly) some of the same precious children I will see!

I love your beautiful heart for Jesus and the calling He has placed on your life. You are an encouragement and example to all of us - no matter our age! :) Blessings as you follow Jesus on this glorious adventure!

TMichel said...

We will do it today:)

inked33 said...

been spreading the word like crazy! what a fun idea to involve all age kids in... praying for you :)

Anonymous said...

Is this an area where the children are also unable to get enough to drink? If so, can we put little juice boxes in the baggies too or will that be too heavy?

Wendy said...

Do we have to put pre-packaged snacks inside the bags or could we make something like trail mix or snack mix and fill the bags?

skitkat19 said...

on my way to the store right now! :)

shelley said...

we are sending 15+ bags tomorrow in the mail. this was such a great lesson for my kids as well. we will send as many as we can as often as we can.

Denise said...

This is so great! I Love it! I have mine packed and ready to be shipped. They didn't all fit in the one box, so some will be in the box with the backpack we're sending.

Denise said...

This is so great! I Love it! I have mine packed and ready to be shipped. They didn't all fit in the one box, so some will be in the box with the backpack we're sending.

Anonymous said...

I love doing things for the children of Uganda! My friend Annie and I are raising money to send warm clothes, fruit trees, etc. to Africa and would love to help out with this project! ~ kaylee, age 11

Beasmom said...

My 8 year old daughter and I are excited to do this. What a fantastic idea! Is there a deadline for sending the bags?

Anonymous said...

Bags are packed & ready to be boxed for mail! Thank you for giving me away to help :)

The Beaver Bunch said...

We're in!

Anonymous said...

I think my children's youth group is going to donate items and assemble bags. I'm hoping you can address some of the above mentioned questions, especially the deadline date for donations. Thanks for letting us join you as His hands & feet!

mama2 said...
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mama2 said...

sent ours off today! : )
Wonderful idea!

Sarah Kuhner said...

What a sweet girl you are. I love your heart for these children and for God. You will do amazing things for God by just being available. My girls would love to make some snack bags for the little ones in Africa.

jessica said...

Love the idea of transparent promotional bags full of candies chocolates for my kids.