Monday, April 9, 2012

Radical Ring Worm.

{my baby holding onto my apron notice his ringworm on his head}

Today I am taking you back to my last trip to Uganda.

Since it was the end of  February they had just switched the airlines to their spring schedule.

So instead of arriving early in the morning.

We landed late at night.

It's about an hour drive to the guest house in Kampala.

It's bumpy roads and very windy.

I always seat next to the window so I can feel the breeze and smell the air.

 Surely I must look funny just sitting and smiling. 

I always feel such happiness.

Contentment I guess you could say.

I am where my heart longs to be in My Uganda.

Not far from where I stay is the baby home.

Where I spends my early mornings and evenings.

Where "my babies" live.

Where they toddle around and call me "MAMA"

It's my favorite place to be in all of Uganda.

My babies live there and I can't wait to get there to snuggle my loves.

To chase them around the grounds.

Or to simply cuddle them.

The older kids are my favorites.

I try not to have favorites but they are the most overlooked.

They don't cry.

So they are simply overlooked.

When volunteers come in they always run to the bitty babies room.

I am not saying its a fault just that my older babies are always forgotten.

So that's when I set it in my heart I would spend time with them.

Love on the forgotten ones.

Making them no longer forgotten.

To me they  have become "my loves"

They have become "my babies"

The ones who run to me when I arrive.

The ones who know they will no longer be overlooked. 

They notice that I care and that I love them.

Something most of them have never felt before.

They bring me such joy and they chatter with me in there little british accents.

So darn precious.

I spend my days chasing, teasing, giggling and becoming best friends with the older chidden.

When I was there with my Mom for 8 weeks I became attached.

So this past trip I couldn't wait to rush to them and snuggle them and hug them and hold them in my arms.

I missed "my babies".

I awoke bright and early 4:30 am.

Not on purpose just that I couldn't sleep I had to see
 "my babies"

With that said, I spend every possible moment with them on my trip.

After days of loving on them 

I arrived at the baby home one afternoon to see they had been shaving the babies heads.

I noticed some funny looking spots on their heads.

So I asked about it.

Turns out the babies had Ringworm.

It's a skin fungus.

It's contagious.

 But regardless I just figured surely it was healing.

After being home for four weeks.

I looked down and wondered what was wrong with my skin.

I had spots.

It looked like my skin was eating itself  and peeling.

I was in New York for my Grandma's funeral when I texted my Mom a picture and asked what it was.

She wasn't sure at the time.

When I arrived home a  few days later I asked my  mom again.

This time the spots where more noticable.

This time I did some research.

Surely enough I have ringworm.

It's painful and I am using natural remedies to heal it.

Looking back at my time loving those babies,

I can honestly say I am happy to say I have ringworm.

Regardless of my contacting it, I am thankful for it.

If it means I loved enough, snuggled them enough, to have it.

I am happy.

It means I didn't shy away from the sickness.

But I loved.

I never want to shy away in fear.

But give enough of myself 

love enough to become sick.

I want to have radical Love.

Love with out fear.

Love with all of myself.

I want to Love like Jesus did.

He said to let the sick come to him.

That's what I want to do.

To love like Jesus does.


Chris and Sarah said...

I know just what you are saying. I used to fear so many things and would hold myself back from things due to my fear. Since becoming a foster parent God has somehow given me a way of not even caring what the kiddos are bringing with them (and let's just say it's been a lot) but simply to just love on them and figure it out later.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aw Emma. I had ringworm when I came home from Africa last year. I felt gross but it is just as you said; I didn't regret it :)

Chrisann said...

I love your heart for these precious ones. Sometimes illnesses and scars are sweet reminders of God's faithfulness. You are His faithful servant. Blessings, Emma.

Teena said...

thank you for sharing! Praying from you. So thought provoking.... wow.

You words speak to our heart.


Kylee said...

Such a sweet post, Emma! I, too, had ringworm when my 2 foster sisters moved into our home. We ended up passing it back and forth to each other for many months. Pesky little thing : ) You're totally right though, it was worth every hug and late night snuggle. Those two foster sisters are not my FOREVER sisters!! God knew what He was doing!

Thank you for sharing your heart!

growing4hisglory said...

Emma, I do not know you and you do not know me {YET} but that will soon change. Ewwwwk! Im going to Uganda with you in a few weeks!!!!! I love this post. Many times I have had people say things like "Are you scared of disease? Are you scared of what you might catch, etc" I look at them in amazement. Obviously they do not understand the LOVE that you just wrote about. Somehow or another, I DO understand it. I "get it". Maybe a little strange because I have never been to Uganda but I know the Lord has given me a love for these people and land that I simply can not explain but it is there! So I applause you on this post. If I was in your shoes, I think I would have said the same thing. Thank you for your heart. Can not WAIT to meet you and go see these beautiful faces. I love them and I am afraid, (not really) that my WHOLE LIFE IS ABOUT TO BECOME SHIPWRECKED FOR THE LORD! Yee-Haa!!!!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!!! Let's do this!! ♥ Robin

Journey for the Orphan said...

Jethro has the same thing from the home on the top of his head. I kiss him on his head everyday, maybe a bad idea. Oh well I love him to much to not love on him because of some fungi. PS. I had a great time wrestling with your babies two night ago.

Unknown said...

Dear Em,

•Tea Tree Oil is an antifungal & can effectively treat ringworm. Just paint on the ringworm 3x/day. Continue using it for a week after you think the ringworm is gone.
•If you only have 1-2 spots treat by painting clear nail polish on the spot. When the nail polish loosens and comes off, paint it again.
•Apple Cider Vinegar also works. Paint the area with the vinegar 3x/day.
•Rub the ringworm area with raw garlic. Garlic is one of the old ringworm home remedies.
•You can get black walnut extract at a health food store. Apply the extract to the infected area 2x/day.
•Paint Iodine on the ringworm 2x/day. It stains the skin and anything else it comes into contact with so be careful with it.
R-Worm Clear contains Neem Oil, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, and calendula essential oil. Apply to the affected area 2x/day.
•Over-the-counter antifungal creams will kill the ringworm fungus. Lamasil & Lotrimin are the 2 usually recommended.

If these ringworm home remedies have not worked for you within 4 weeks, it is important to see a health professional.

Ringworm is a skin infection that is caused by a fungus. The fungi live and spread on the top layer of the skin and hair. Ringworm is contagious and can be passed through contact from one person to another. Topical ointments are usually advised for the treatment for ringworm but there are some home remedies that help as well.
•Raw papaya is one of the most effective home remedies for ringworm. Just rub a piece of this fruit directly on the affected area. Or you can make a paste of dry papaya seeds and apply this onto the ringworm patches.
•Turmeric: Turmeric is known for its natural antibiotic properties. Take a piece of fresh turmeric and extract the juice from it. Apply this fresh juice to the ringworm patches.
•Coconut oil: This oil is also know for its healing properties and is another home remedy that is effective in treating ringworm. Apply this oil to the affected areas. It will also help to keep the skin smooth and also soften the dry, scaly infected skin. It will give you immediate relief from the constant skin irritation.
•Make a paste out of oregano herb mix and olive oil. Apply this paste liberally to the patches for relief.
•Holy Basil leaves: The juice of Holy Basil leaves is beneficial too. Apply this juice to the area 2-3x/day.
•Mustard seeds: Mustard seeds are also an effective way of treating this skin disorder. Make a paste out of the seeds. Ensure that you wash the affected parts with hot water and then apply this paste directly to the affected area.
•Vegetable juice: Drinking raw vegetable juice is an excellent natural cure for ringworm. The best juices for this are carrot juice and spinach juice. Mix 200ml of spinach juice and 300ml of carrot juice and drink this mix every day.
•Cassia leaves: The leaves of the Cassia tree help in soothing irritated skin. You can either make a paste out of these leaves or extract the juice and apply it to the area affected by the ringworm.
•Aloe vera: Extract the juice of aloe vera and apply to the parts which are affected. This is good for the skin and helps in treating the disease.

Get a small amount of bleach and apply to the ringworm with a Q-tip. Repeat this daily and the ringworm will dry up. Usually 1 or 2 applications is all you need.

This is kinda long, but hope it's helpful if you haven't already gotten rid of it. I know for sure that lotramin will work. My boys always had it because they were wrestlers. My oldest son got it in his hair also - really bad. He had to take internal medicine for that because it wouldn't go away and if the hair folicle dies the hair won't grow back. Hope it's working! You are so VERY PASSIONATE. Thank you for loving the orphans!!!

Ellen Schmidt

Ladyblog said...

You are an AMAZING self-less young woman. If only there were many more like you, the world would be a better place. Your post brought tears to my eyes!