Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Date days!

Yesterday I took my little brother Isaiah on a date.

He'd been begging for awhile.

Leaving little notes around the house.

I've been going in order of the ages for my younger siblings taking them out
 for starbucks or for some little treat.

Something special just to be able to spend time with them and be able to talk.

Since I am planning on moving to Africa this fall,

I've started to realize when I move I will be losing a lot of the time of them growing up.

So for now I want to cherish those moments.

                         We always talk about Africa, how I am moving and if they are going to come visit me.
                 So far the answers have been unanimous.

I'm going to miss my sibs more then anything.

But for now I am choosing to make as many memories as possible.

I can't even begin to imagine how it would have been to be a missionary in the olden days.

When you board a ship bound for Africa and say goodbye to your family and friends forever.

At least when I move - we have Airplanes and Skype. 

But I still will be missing birthdays and holidays and family nights.

I am trying to make the memories enough to last so this Fall when

I go I will be able to be okay at least for several weeks!

But man how I am going to miss my family!

I'm dreading the days of when I say goodbye but excited for the adventures of what God has for me.


Engendo said...

excited for you miss Emma! and love the pic of you and I

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Hi Emma!

So sweet...your brother reminds me of my brother. :). I can't drive yet, but sibling "dates" sound fun. :). I can kind of understand how you feel--I'm with my family all the time and don't like being away from them.

Emma, you're going to do great things! God bless you!
Joy :)

Anneli Johnson said...

I know the feeling. I've moved to China for an indefinite length of time and I tried to spend extra time with each of my siblings. It is hard to be so far away, but when you are doing something you are called to do... it is so worth it.


The Splendiferous Life said...

What a sweet picture, sounds like you and your siblings are truly enjoying this time. So excited for you and the work God is calling you too.

Alisha said...

This is SO sweet! I love the idea :)

Anonymous said...

Here Is a link you and your mom may be interested in!!! I really enjoyed reading it, sounds like they could use all the prayers they can get!!!

Ladyblog said...

You are so brave to follow God's plan for your life without hesitation! I can't wait to see what God has in store for your future.

Chelsea Valach said...

Oh Emma, I'm so excited for you! I know this has been your dream since you were very little. How exciting to watch it unfold with you. I am so blessed by you - to see the heart you have for the Lord and to know how He is using you in a mighty way. It gives me hope for my own children - that they might have such a passionate devotion to our Saviour as well. Thank you for posting. I can't imagine how much you will miss your family but we know the Lord is compassionate and the Holy Spirit is Comforter and He will comfort you as you walk in obedience. Lots of Love! Chelsea