Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Snack Bag {Part Two: Brings Joy}

{notice the granola bar?}

I have been so blessed reading each of your comments.

I have received many e-mails from all of you my sweet friends.

My Joy at thinking of the sweet street children who are about to be blessed by all of you.

Tonight they are hungry praying for God to show up. 

Yet here across the ocean many of you are preparing the snack bags,praying over them.

Soon the street children will see some mzungu's {foreigner}walking the streets.

Hope will fill their eyes and food will fill there tummies. 

 They will hear the words {many of them for the first time}

"yesu un kwagala"



Can you imagine the joy that will fill their hearts? 

To know that someone is showing them God loves them all the way across the ocean.

It really is amazing what people can do for the least of these.

When we come together as a team to change an orphan's lives one orphan at a time.

I can't wait to have them hear about a friend in America praying for them.

I can just picture the smile that will light up their eyes.

They will have hope for another day.

Please be praying over the bags you are sending,
 not only are you feeding an Orphan but you
are making an impact in their life.

Something they won't ever forget.

Many of you have asked about the deadline for shipping.

The deadline is May 23rd.

This way there is time for them to make their way here.

I have an address change as many of you have filled up our living room with your boxes!

Please send me an email if you have not sent your box yet and I will message you the new address.

Thank you with all my heart. 

The street children may never be able to properly thank you,

but believe me they would whisper:

"waybale nyo"

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Street children - project snack bag

{Some of my new friends with me after PB&J day with the street children of Kampala}

In my past trips to Uganda my heart has felt so burdened for the street children of Kampala. 

You pass them on the street.

There silence and their outstretched hands are embedded in my mind.

Begging for anything. 

A crumb from your table. 

Yet here I sit with left overs in my fridge.

But again and again I find myself not wanting the old leftovers.

Wanting something new for dinner, something fresh.

But today my mind is stuck in that place, that time. 

A different world then where I am sitting in today.

Laying on my floor in my nice home.

With my fan blowing.

Yet today in a different part of the world.

Street children wander the street.

They are hungry.

Their tummies are rumbling.

Yet here I sit with my iced tea.

It seems pretty cruel, the plate they were dished.

You may ask why did I get this life in America?

Why did they get the life in Uganda as street children?

I believe it must have been so eyes could be opened.

So that through missionary's stories of Africa

we would be compelled to go. 

Compelled to give.

Compelled to adopt.

Compelled to do something.

Mother Teresa was one quoted :

"I may not be able to change the whole world but I can change the world for one person"

Everyone of us can do something to help.

So in my past trips I got to thinking.

Since many of the street children are being watched
 and the money you give them will  be taken from them....

What if we did something tangible?

What if instead of filling another person's pockets....

instead, we filled these precious kiddo's tummies?

So that's when we got to talking.

What if the whole blog world came together?

What if we gathered our friends & family?

What if we gathered our church?

 What if we all worked together to do something special for these kids?

So instead of us passing them by,

we make a difference in there life.

We show them the love of Jesus.

By doing something that would blow their minds.

By showing them the love of Jesus.

Hopeless, Orphaned and Homeless.

That they matter to US!

Not only to God, but also to US!

What do you say sweet bloggy friends?

Want to join me?

Here's what you need to join our team and be a part of:


A sandwich size snack bag.


A little note or a picture - maybe also a picture of your family
{if they are unable to read, we will try to read it to them.}

Some snacks - a granola bar, fruit snacks, crackers and candy are always welcome.

Then instead of these precious children going hungry.

There tummies will be full for the day.

What do you say are you in?

The IVO June Team will have the privilege of distributing the snack bags.

Please send all  PROJECT SNACK BAG donations to the address below.

International Voice of the Orphan
3655 W. Anthem Way, Suite A-109-305
Phoenix, AZ 85086-2599

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Date days!

Yesterday I took my little brother Isaiah on a date.

He'd been begging for awhile.

Leaving little notes around the house.

I've been going in order of the ages for my younger siblings taking them out
 for starbucks or for some little treat.

Something special just to be able to spend time with them and be able to talk.

Since I am planning on moving to Africa this fall,

I've started to realize when I move I will be losing a lot of the time of them growing up.

So for now I want to cherish those moments.

                         We always talk about Africa, how I am moving and if they are going to come visit me.
                 So far the answers have been unanimous.

I'm going to miss my sibs more then anything.

But for now I am choosing to make as many memories as possible.

I can't even begin to imagine how it would have been to be a missionary in the olden days.

When you board a ship bound for Africa and say goodbye to your family and friends forever.

At least when I move - we have Airplanes and Skype. 

But I still will be missing birthdays and holidays and family nights.

I am trying to make the memories enough to last so this Fall when

I go I will be able to be okay at least for several weeks!

But man how I am going to miss my family!

I'm dreading the days of when I say goodbye but excited for the adventures of what God has for me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Radical Ring Worm.

{my baby holding onto my apron notice his ringworm on his head}

Today I am taking you back to my last trip to Uganda.

Since it was the end of  February they had just switched the airlines to their spring schedule.

So instead of arriving early in the morning.

We landed late at night.

It's about an hour drive to the guest house in Kampala.

It's bumpy roads and very windy.

I always seat next to the window so I can feel the breeze and smell the air.

 Surely I must look funny just sitting and smiling. 

I always feel such happiness.

Contentment I guess you could say.

I am where my heart longs to be in My Uganda.

Not far from where I stay is the baby home.

Where I spends my early mornings and evenings.

Where "my babies" live.

Where they toddle around and call me "MAMA"

It's my favorite place to be in all of Uganda.

My babies live there and I can't wait to get there to snuggle my loves.

To chase them around the grounds.

Or to simply cuddle them.

The older kids are my favorites.

I try not to have favorites but they are the most overlooked.

They don't cry.

So they are simply overlooked.

When volunteers come in they always run to the bitty babies room.

I am not saying its a fault just that my older babies are always forgotten.

So that's when I set it in my heart I would spend time with them.

Love on the forgotten ones.

Making them no longer forgotten.

To me they  have become "my loves"

They have become "my babies"

The ones who run to me when I arrive.

The ones who know they will no longer be overlooked. 

They notice that I care and that I love them.

Something most of them have never felt before.

They bring me such joy and they chatter with me in there little british accents.

So darn precious.

I spend my days chasing, teasing, giggling and becoming best friends with the older chidden.

When I was there with my Mom for 8 weeks I became attached.

So this past trip I couldn't wait to rush to them and snuggle them and hug them and hold them in my arms.

I missed "my babies".

I awoke bright and early 4:30 am.

Not on purpose just that I couldn't sleep I had to see
 "my babies"

With that said, I spend every possible moment with them on my trip.

After days of loving on them 

I arrived at the baby home one afternoon to see they had been shaving the babies heads.

I noticed some funny looking spots on their heads.

So I asked about it.

Turns out the babies had Ringworm.

It's a skin fungus.

It's contagious.

 But regardless I just figured surely it was healing.

After being home for four weeks.

I looked down and wondered what was wrong with my skin.

I had spots.

It looked like my skin was eating itself  and peeling.

I was in New York for my Grandma's funeral when I texted my Mom a picture and asked what it was.

She wasn't sure at the time.

When I arrived home a  few days later I asked my  mom again.

This time the spots where more noticable.

This time I did some research.

Surely enough I have ringworm.

It's painful and I am using natural remedies to heal it.

Looking back at my time loving those babies,

I can honestly say I am happy to say I have ringworm.

Regardless of my contacting it, I am thankful for it.

If it means I loved enough, snuggled them enough, to have it.

I am happy.

It means I didn't shy away from the sickness.

But I loved.

I never want to shy away in fear.

But give enough of myself 

love enough to become sick.

I want to have radical Love.

Love with out fear.

Love with all of myself.

I want to Love like Jesus did.

He said to let the sick come to him.

That's what I want to do.

To love like Jesus does.