Thursday, March 1, 2012


{the school we worked at the past few days}

We have just finally arrived in Tororo Uganda.

We are about 6 hours from Kampala the capitol in north eastern Uganda.

It's beautiful here.

Rolling land and mountains.

Rice fields and sugar cane fields.

Little huts that are so beautiful.

Internet has been crazy and impossible to publish a post from my ipod. 

ugh so frusterating but I have been journaling so when I arrive home  I can tell you all the stories of My Uganda.

Tomorrow morning the pastors confrence begins.

1000+ pastors from all over Eastern Africa.

Pastors have come from Congo,Tanzania,Kenya, Sudan.

Please be praying that the pastors will be ministered to.

Pray that God would work in each of these pastors lives.

Pray that they would be touched.

That God would work through my Dad as he speaks.

Pray that hearts would be opened.

Thanks so much for all your prayers it means so much!


Alisha said...

What a powerful moment in time to have 1,000 pastors together! (Especially coming together from so many countries!) Praying for The Lord to give your dad the words to speak to them and praying that these pastors will choose to live completely surrendered to The Lord. That they will choose to give all the remainder of their days to serve Him and not their flesh. Praise God!

Susan A said...

praying for the pastors to be ministered, Emma... and for His protection too.