Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My dream of Twin girls

{fetching water with Irene and Ishia}

Since I was a little girl I've always dreamed of adopting twin African girls.

I'd pray every night

"Dear God would  you please allow me to adopt twin African girls when I grow up"

Every night I'd pray and pray.

That's my dream.

Very specific.

They have to be African and, of course, girls.

Probably a bit crazy but it's what i've always dreamed of.

I've prayed and prayed and let me tell you every time I see twins I always think of someday when I'm  grown up and have twins.

I even have twin girl names picked out.

When I arrived at Praise's Home immediately two girls came up and grabbed my hands.

They started telling that 

"you're my mzungu"

meaning i'm their white person.

So so cute.

They are about 8 years old and identical twin girls.

When my friend Praise found them living on the streets in a near by city 
she inquired and found out they were orphans.

Two precious little blessings.



Kind and caring little girls.

Living on the streets.

I can't even imagine the life they were forced to live begging for food.

Sleeping on the streets.

All alone except for each other.

Praise has brought them into her home.

They are thriving.

Smiley little girls.


They finally belong.

I found myself wishing I was a bit older and capable of adoption.

They are my dream set of twins.

What my heart has always longed for.

Someday I'll be the lucky Mama to twins!

Please meet my dream daughters of my heart.

"Ishia and Irene" 

In need of a forever family.

I'm not sure if they are adoptable yet.

But Lord willing they will be soon!


Spencer Girls said...

They are so beautiful! I will pray that your dream comes true! (and I know it will!)

Chris and Sarah said...

They are beautiful! Who said you weren't old enough (don't tell your mom I said that)? Look at what Katie has done.

I have a feeling once you are in Uganda your mom and dad are going to have a lot of grandchildren.

Sherry said...

Love your heart and the work you and your dad do..I will keep you in my prayers for God to give you sweet twin African girls when He is ready.

Claire's Calico Corner said...

Hi Emma!
My name's Claire, I got your blog from a friend...
I LOVE your heart and your blog! Especially this post about twin girls. (I'm a triplet :) ) We are definitely kindred spirits. I'm fourteen and DYING to adopt...and I have pretty specific requests, too, haha. I dream of adopting kids with special needs from China...Eastern Europe..Africa...and moving to Uganda! ha our sponsored child is there and I love it even though I've never been. You're so blessed to have gone!
I can't wait to read your posts and get to know you better!!
My blog is if you want to check it out. :) I advocate for orphans from Reece's Rainbow on there.

Sherry said...

My husband and I are going with you in June on the Go team...we are so can read about our journey here.