Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm home

{my baby}

It feels like just yesterday I was packing my suitcase.

Planning for the trip.

Getting excited for it to begin.

But now the trip has come and gone.

It feels like I just blinked and it was over.

How I wish I was still there.

I miss it.

I miss Uganda.

I miss my babies.

I miss the smells.

I miss waking up and knowing I'm in Uganda.

I'm happy to be home.

 But I feel as if I left a big piece of me behind.

I feel like I am having trouble adjusting this time.

Being in My Uganda just feels so right.

I feel as if I left my heart behind.

When  I wake up here at home the first thing I think of is my babies faces. 

They flash through my mind. 

It's hard knowing today I can't wipe away their tears.

Today I can't love on them and give them kisses.

I just have to pray.

Pray and pray that God will bring them families. 

Pray that today a volunteer will be there to wipe away the tears.


Alisha said...

Our God is Big enough to save each of those babes! Praying with you...
MUCH love

Sherry said...

Love reading about your time in Uganda. When is the next Go team going? I can't find it on the website? Thank you.

Brittany said...

My name is Brittany and my family is adopting from Africa. It has been my prayer that someday I could go to Africa on a missions trip. Are their any missions I could go on that you know of?