Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today as I prepare for Uganda in just a week from tomorrow.

I have been thinking about how much my family means to me!

So this morning I woke up early to make heart shaped pancakes and bacon.

To show them how much I love them.

Since it's valentines day I thought what would be better
 then to write a post,

Thanking my loved ones for always loving me and being there.

Dedicated just to them.

To show them how much I care.

This Valentines Day I am very thankful for all my loved ones in my life.

I have eleven brothers and sister who I love with all my heart.

They always make me laugh and smile!

My house is never quiet.

{sisters tea party}
{baby sitting my sibs}

Six brothers and sisters in Uganda that I adore.

Liberty my little sister and also my friend!

{libs and I}

My Mom she is also my best friend!!
{mom and I in Uganda after a rain storm}

My Dad who is always there to encourage me and help me chase my dreams.

  {Dad and I in Belgium on our layover to Ghana}

Special thanks to my family,my mom and my dad! 

I love you with all my heart! 

Happy Valentines Day!



Engendo said...


Spencer Girls said...

Happy Valentines day Emma! Blessings!
~ Katy

Alisha said...

I almost starting crying and it's rare that I cry looking at a post, but I just know that you have a HUGE love for your family, which comes from The Lord. Your cup of love runneth over- it's very apparent in the pictures. You are so blessed!

Much love, Alisha