Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Off we go!

 {taken this morning with my beloved big green suit case}

Early this morning we began our journey to my Uganda!

The journey there is long.

We started off with one flight.

Then a 9 hour layover.

Now we wait for our flight that is delayed.

Turning this layover into 11 hours!

 We then have a 9 hour  over night flight to Europe.

Then another layover,

Then we board our last flight bound for Uganda.

Please be praying for our flights as we continue our journey across the ocean
to my Uganda!


Engendo said...

praying for you :) ill get you the info as soon as i have it :) yayyy1!!

Janet said...

I am praying! I am on the knee team! Janet

Luann said...

Praying for your flights and your time in Uganda! I can't wait to read about your adventures!