Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Uganda.

My Uganda.

The place I dream of calling home in just a short amount of time.

The ways I love it  here are to many to count.

I long to show you the reason's I love this country.

There are somethings we take for granted.

But yet when your in Africa you come to realize that the things.
I normally would complain about become beautiful.

They become something you wish you had.

Something you wish you could always have.

You fall in love.

I long to have you see with your eyes 

 My Uganda.

If I were an artist I would paint you a picture.

If I was a muscition i would write you a song.

But for those I am neither.

For now I will have to describe with word the ways I love it.

The noise in the streets -the different languages that mingle.

The crowded roads that make me realize I am in Africa.

The people whom love and give wih all they have.

The waves from friendly strangers who just want to be friends.

The babies that call me MAMA the ways they love and long to be loved.

The lush african land.

The street children who have had the world taken away from them yet to them they have the world.

The slums where we have the feeding program those kids are precious.

Those are just several ways that make up My Uganda.

My Uganda.

How I am in love with you!!


Joanne Reddell said...

Your genuine love for "your Uganda" is so touching and heart-warming. You are God's precious ambassador as you show His love to all you meet and in all you do there. Blessings to you today & always!

nessacasey2911 said...

I love your Uganda. I wish with all my heart I could be there with you. Praying for you guys!

Christine said...

Your blog is so precious, Em. God bless you!

Bryce McLemore said...

I love this! Praying for you!

Bryce McLemore said...

I love this! Praying for you!