Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Uganda.

My Uganda.

The place I dream of calling home in just a short amount of time.

The ways I love it  here are to many to count.

I long to show you the reason's I love this country.

There are somethings we take for granted.

But yet when your in Africa you come to realize that the things.
I normally would complain about become beautiful.

They become something you wish you had.

Something you wish you could always have.

You fall in love.

I long to have you see with your eyes 

 My Uganda.

If I were an artist I would paint you a picture.

If I was a muscition i would write you a song.

But for those I am neither.

For now I will have to describe with word the ways I love it.

The noise in the streets -the different languages that mingle.

The crowded roads that make me realize I am in Africa.

The people whom love and give wih all they have.

The waves from friendly strangers who just want to be friends.

The babies that call me MAMA the ways they love and long to be loved.

The lush african land.

The street children who have had the world taken away from them yet to them they have the world.

The slums where we have the feeding program those kids are precious.

Those are just several ways that make up My Uganda.

My Uganda.

How I am in love with you!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Off we go!

 {taken this morning with my beloved big green suit case}

Early this morning we began our journey to my Uganda!

The journey there is long.

We started off with one flight.

Then a 9 hour layover.

Now we wait for our flight that is delayed.

Turning this layover into 11 hours!

 We then have a 9 hour  over night flight to Europe.

Then another layover,

Then we board our last flight bound for Uganda.

Please be praying for our flights as we continue our journey across the ocean
to my Uganda!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Take off.

In the morning we fly out bright and early.

We will leave my house at 3:30 am.

To be on the earliest flight ever.

At least I think its early:)

Please be praying as the team flys in from all over the world,

 most of them will be meeting us in the US

 while some will meet us in Europe.

Please pray as we come together to serve the Orphan of Uganda.

Pray for our hearts to be broken for the Orphan.

That our flights will be smooth.

For our families and loved ones at home.

For the people we encounter.

Pray that we'd be a light for HIM.

That HE would use us.

I will be updating our journey as we have internet.

Thank you all for your prayers!

Friday, February 17, 2012


 5 days and I will be on my way..

7 days and I will be holding you...

{Our hands blurry..But I love it}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ONE week

Today is just one week till take off.

Just eight days till we land in Uganda.

I am so excited to see what God is going to do on this trip.

I guess I better pull out the old suitcase and load it up!

This trip we have a team of eleven people.

From all over the country.

Two people that are joining us from Canada.

Please be praying as we prepare to go.

The last days before the trip can often be the hardest.

We've had people brake bones,get in car accidents, and lose love ones.

Just days before they are about to board a plane to go!

Since we are going to serve the orphan we are often under attack. 

So please join us and pray for our journey!

I will keep you all updated:)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today as I prepare for Uganda in just a week from tomorrow.

I have been thinking about how much my family means to me!

So this morning I woke up early to make heart shaped pancakes and bacon.

To show them how much I love them.

Since it's valentines day I thought what would be better
 then to write a post,

Thanking my loved ones for always loving me and being there.

Dedicated just to them.

To show them how much I care.

This Valentines Day I am very thankful for all my loved ones in my life.

I have eleven brothers and sister who I love with all my heart.

They always make me laugh and smile!

My house is never quiet.

{sisters tea party}
{baby sitting my sibs}

Six brothers and sisters in Uganda that I adore.

Liberty my little sister and also my friend!

{libs and I}

My Mom she is also my best friend!!
{mom and I in Uganda after a rain storm}

My Dad who is always there to encourage me and help me chase my dreams.

  {Dad and I in Belgium on our layover to Ghana}

Special thanks to my family,my mom and my dad! 

I love you with all my heart! 

Happy Valentines Day!