Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Significant Number 22.

The other day I shared via Facebook that 

"I'm in shock! God is so faithful! :}"

Here is the story behind those 7 little words.

Many have anxiously waited.

I have received comments galore and a share of text messages too.

Many wondering what do those 7 little words mean.

The story behind them is long, 

so my friends you might want to grab some coffee
 for the story

' behind the words.'


A significant number in my journal.

Since I was about 8 years old I have kept a journal.

Of my daily personal life as well as a memoir of my journey with Jesus.

When something specific happened this December 22nd, 2012.

I felt that something specific had happened on other days in my journal as well.

So I took a little trip down memory lane and read from page to page of what God had done in my life and on what date I watched Him move.

It all started July 22nd. 

My 19th birthday.

The 22nd of August.

The date I got horrible news that my two loves in Uganda had been moved to a permanent orphanage.

Never to know the love of a family.

My heart broke.

The 22nd of September my journal entry read:

"Am I really Trusting God?"

A day of struggle but of watching God move and seeing him whisper to my heart that my 
time to move to Uganda was not yet. 

To wait and trust God.

The 22nd of October dawned a painful day.

The day my boyfriend of three+ years and I broke up.

The day that God whispered to my heart.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you a hope and a future."

The promise that God had even better plans for me brought the healing.

November 22nd. 

A day of Thanksgiving shared with my loved ones.

A time to be thankful and remember what God had done and what God was going to do!

A month later to the day.

A very important day in my life.

I had been crying out to God and knew He was going to show up.

Every time I had almost taken the reigns in my own hands.

I'd hear him say 

"Emma I am going to provide, you just have to trust me"

Every time we played tug-a-war with the reigns of moving to Uganda.

I'd gently be reminded.

And then I would have an overwhelming peace.

I knew He was going to provide.

And that's when the fun part came -

I  had front row seats to watching

God move.

With a month till take off and moving to Uganda.

 I sat on the couch with a friend and shared my heart.

And how sponsorship was a rough road.

And with just one month till take off  I didn't have even one monthly sponsor.

I laughed and asked my friend if he would be nervous if the situation was reversed.

He said he would.

I told him,

 how I wasn't afraid, 

but that I knew God was going to provide! 

After all He called me to Uganda in the first place.

I had my Mom, my Dad and all of my little siblings 

who were also joining me in praying that He would provide.

And let me tell you HE did!

The monthly sponsorships began to pour in.

I had sponsors across the USA.

And even some from other countries.

I had one time donations that were such a tremendous blessing!

But on December 22nd. 

The most amazing 'unexpected email' found it's way to my inbox.

And the rest is history.

My concern over the sponsorship was greatly alleviated and a precious donation came in.

I continue to need sponsorship, but this was a beautiful provision.

With just two weeks till take off I watched Him move the mountains.

Just one more story to share and serve as a reminder that my God is always faithful 100%.

When He calls you.

He always provides.

Don't sweat it, trust God and watch Him move.

I have no doubt He would give you front row seats as well.

Remember He is always faithful.


Take a chance and trust God.

It's the best thing that I ever did.

Monday, December 17, 2012

My Biggest Need

{In the Slums -Working with API where I will be working and living}

Here I sit counting down the days in my head again.

The days have been passing in a blur of crazy fun activity.

Checklists and packing lists fill the time.

With a few things checked off, a few are left behind.

I constantly stop myself and say out loud

"I am moving to Uganda."

It's a crazy mix of disbelief and reality along with the fact that it's really happening.

Years ago I used to ponder and dream of fulfilling my life long calling.

It's weird to think it's finally come.

The day I board the plane and land and say

"Welcome Home"

will be the one I've dreamed of since so very long ago.

I am moving to Uganda I remind myself.

I try to make the memories last and capture them in my heart
so someday in Uganda I can take a peek at the glimpse of home
 that I love and the family that has my heart.

Yesterday we took a family photo by the Christmas tree at my church
 with most of my family, we are just missing a few.

{This is the picture that I will be printing to take along for the move}

Several of you have asked what else that I need,
there is really only one major need that I have.

The thing that I need the most is Monthly sponsors.

Isaiah 6:8 
"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 
who shall I send and who will GO for us? 
And I said, 'Here I am Lord, send me.'"

I was called to Africa so very long ago at the age of 6 years old.

The night the Lord called me I heard so very clearly -

calling me to Africa to be a missionary to the orphan.

The first time I set my foot in Uganda I knew someday that I'd call it home.

July 2nd, 2008 made a permanent mark on my heart.

{One of my first pictures in Africa 2008}

It was the day my feet touched the ground on Ugandan Soil and the day
 that my life was forever changed.

I am moving to Uganda - East Africa on January 6th, 2013 

Would you ever consider joining the EmONAMISSION team?

Being apart of helping send me?

I will be living in Uganda permanently.

To live in Uganda I need roughly $1500 a month.

That's just 60 supporters at $25.00 a month or maybe 15 supporters at $100.00 a month
or a combination of the above.

Would you pray and ask God what He would have you give?

Maybe God has called you to support monthly or
maybe He has just called you to a one time donation.

You can be a part of helping send me by clicking on the donate button below:

Remember every donation makes a difference in helping serve the orphans of Uganda.
No donation is too small but everything given makes an incredible difference.

I have just one more need - Prayer Supporters
I would like a team of friends that I can email urgent prayer requests and updates,
 as well as news of my journey of living full time in Uganda.

Would you consider being a part of my Prayer Team? 

To Join the prayer team and email list you can email me at:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And on behalf of the orphans that I will serve,
thank you  as well.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Overwhelmed by HIS Blessings

I sit here overwhelmed by HIS goodness.

Emails and comments have been pouring in.

I am overwhelmed by HIS blessings.

He is always so faithful to me.

He knew my needs and has provided even more then I asked for!

Several of you have written and asked what else that I need.

My need list has pretty much been checked off!

{Update coming soon!}

Faithful. Faithful. God.

When God provides He never takes any 
short cuts He goes the whole way!

I am so humbled and amazed by you, my bloggy-friends! 

You are over the top generous!

Thank you so much for blessing me!

I am so touched, you all have been a tremendous blessing to me.

You guys are beyond amazing!

Thank you, Thank you!

May God lavish His blessings on you dear friends..

Uganda bound in 26 days..

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are you an Orphan addict?

Are you Addicted to Adoption or the Orphan?

 Or know someone who is?

Then this Bracelet is perfect!

I prayed for a long time about something that would help to send me
and support me as I move...
and one day  

"Orphan Addict"

bracelets were born.

You can purchase one of these sweet bracelets on my donate page for $7.00
{includes shipping}

Not only will you receive a super cool bracelet, but you will also help send me to Uganda

and an added bonus - when you look at your wrist,
it will serve to remind you to pray for me!

It's a win/win for both of us!

Feel free to grab my photo listed below and spread the word.

To purchase a bracelet click on the link below:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Because So Many of You Asked

Recently I posted a story about the iPhone that God provided.

He is always so faithful to me.

Many of you read the story of exactly how God provided it.

If you haven't read, it check it out:

Faithful God - He always provides more then I can think or ask for!

When I posted the story of how I'd been praying that  God would provide, 

I received many emails, messages & comments from my sweet Bloggy friends,

Asking that I do a post listing my needs for moving full-time to Uganda in January.

With so many people responding, I decided to give in and post my list of current needs for moving.

When moving full time to Uganda, the things I have to pack are quite rare or a bit strange.

They are random and a little weird to post.

But since you all insisted here is a list of my most needed things.

Many of you may even have these items around your house or feel called to donate them.

Remember each item would be a tremendous blessing.

I've been praying for these items for awhile, and now since you all are so generous I've been encouraged to post

  my need list

I've been really needing a backpack, something lite-weight for carrying my things to and from the village and daily into the slums with supplies.

This is my ultimate dream backpack.

It's durable and lite-weight and an added bonus:  it's really cute.
It's even called "Traveling Soldier" backpack. 

This backpack is found on this site:


One of my other really big needs is Sheets.

To be honest I don't know a lot about sheets.

They've always been there and I sleep in them and don't give it another thought.

The best sheets would be 100% cotton size queen - I really need two sets of sheets.

I have no idea what size bed I will have however that's where pins can always work
 if turns out my bed is smaller.


Another huge need on my list is a rain jacket.

Rainy season is very wet and with walking being my main mode
 of transportation it's bound to be very wet.

My friends who already are based in Uganda suggested I get an REI rain jacket.

My favorite color is Purple so that'd be my dream rain jacket - size XS.

This REI jacket is found on the REI website:


With living in Uganda the drinking water is always an issue.

I've gotten sick many different times and it's not unusual to get food poisoning.

Thankfully with living full-time I will be preparing many of my own 
meals over a little Charcoal stove.

It's bound to be quite an adventure.

Due to traveling around villages and in the slums I really need this water bottle.

It's made by camel bak and can be found in most outdoor stores.

It's a purifier and cleans the water with a laser.

Which means the water is a lot cleaner and safer.


It's very dark at night in Uganda and often you will find me without Electricity.

There is often no power so you are found sitting in the dark.

In the villages where I will spend many nights with out running water or electricity,
it's really dark to walk to and from the latrine.  

{If you get what I mean}

A flashlight is a huge need.

Maybe you have an extra laying around the house that you would
 contribute to help me move to Uganda.
{Spare batteries would help as well.}


One need I have is for devotional books and life changing books or even a pastor dvd series to study with fellow missionaries as well as to use as teaching meterial.

Like Joyce Meyer or Billy Graham

I long to have some for personal use, as well as for the people I will be working with.

Maybe you have some you've read or your favorite you'd want to pass on?


One of my biggest needs is large suitcases.

The bigger and lighter the better.

I need them to carry my supplies and things to Uganda.

They also will be used for ministry as well.

I've been praying and searching the thrift stores but then I wondered if one of you,
 sweet bloggy friends,
 might have some you no longer need or maybe you'd want to help buy bags!

My dream would be a set of luggage matching. 

But I also happen to love mismatched things.

Below is me pictured with my beloved Green vintage suitcase
{compliments of our favorite thrift store!}.

However I would love if it had wheels.

I'm not nearly as strong as I look :}


I would love to have some board games and card games for long rainy days.
 as well as days off or days and evenings spent at the boys home
 or at the big kid orphanage.

Maybe games like UNO or scrabble or a deck of cards.


Towels and Washclothes  -  I need at least three sets - since all my laundry is hand washed by myself
and during rainy season it takes forrrrever to dry.

I really need these to take with me because they are very hard to find in Uganda.


My final need is an Umbrella

for rainy days and rainy season.

Somedays it pours and doesn't stop. 

But with walking to and from the slums I will be drenched without one.

The only preference is that it is lit weight and small enough to fit in a purse.

Thank you all so much for your time and for doing this for me! 

You seriously are the best of friends!

If you feel called or compelled to give,
 just send me an email and I will message you my address.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Caring for the Orphan and Widow.

Looking back I see all the moments of my time spent in Uganda from 2008 till now.

I see flashes of his face as he sits on the street all alone.

I see flashes of her face no more then skin and bones.

I see the worry on her face as she struggles to sell fruit
to feed her family.

I see him as he sits with no legs on the sidewalk and begs for money.

I see her as she longs to be loved by a mommy and daddy.

I see him as he tries to cover up his bruises and burns from his stepmother.

I see the shame in her eyes after being rescued from being sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

I see the pain and the sorrow.

Sometimes I ask myself why others don't see the pain that is in this World.

I ask myself time after time.

Some days the pain and sorrow lying in Uganda is beyond overwhelming.

I ask myself why others don't see the pain and sorrow.

But then I am reminded their eyes just haven't been opened yet.

God works in each of our hearts differently.

He opened my eyes as a little girl.

But not everyone is so blessed to see where God has called them at such a young age.

God might be using you as a key in opening others eyes.

Remember He has a purpose for each one of us.

Everyone can make a difference in this world.

I've had people ask me,

"Why Uganda?

Why not the kids here in the America?"

That's when I am reminded God called me to Africa for a specific purpose.

He called us all to do something for the Orphan.

You may not be called to Uganda or even to Africa.

But one thing is


He has called us all to do something for the Orphan.

The Bible tells us in James 1:27:

"Pure and Genuine religion in the sight of God the father means
 caring for the Orphans and widows in their distress."

God's word is


We are all called to do something.

For some He has called to spend our lives serving the Orphan.
Other may find their call a bit different,
like financially resourcing those on the field.

But everyone is called to do something for the Orphan.

I encourage you, if you are wondering where God has called you,

to leave a comment on my blog and I will be praying for you.

If you've ever felt called to GO and serve the Orphan check out:

International Voice of the Orphan

If you've ever longed to feed or provide for an Orphan then check this out:

{For just a dollar a day you can feed 3 children}

Frontlines feeding program

"You may not be able to change the whole World
 but you can change the World for one person"
-Mother Teresa

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday.

Post taken from:  A Place Called Simplicity

The picture says it all.

{Picture from the young turks}

Since January we have helped feed over 15,000+ 

meals to the orphans and vulnerable children of Uganda through our Frontlines+ Feeding Program

Please consider keeping your Christmas Simple.



*Be The Voice*

Where 100% of each donation feeds the children.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He Answered My Prayer. Faithful God.


It takes a lot longer then I originally thought.

God has been preparing me since I was little.

He called me to Africa at just six years old.

I've been preparing more personally lately.

As in packing and preparing.

There are a lot of things that you need to live somewhere permanently.

Things you might not always think of.

Or at least things I don't normally think of.

I've always lived at home.

I've traveled to lots of places to Africa and Europe even to Asia.

But trips would never prepare me for what I'll need to live permanently.

I never realized I will actually need my own things.

Things that I use everyday in life.

For instance, I will need a bed.

Sheets and Blankets.



Things I've always expected to be there.

I mean I know I need those things it's just not something I always think of.

I've just always thought it would be there.

But now as I prepare my checklist I realized I have a lot more needs then I thought.

I have a few things very specific that I've been praying for.

Praying that God would provide the most important items on my list.

My list is long.

But I've felt and dreamed of having this item for the purpose of getting a hold of my family.

Something so important to keep in touch with the World and my beloved family.

I have been called by God to in Africa.

 But there is an item I dreamed of having.

I've dreamed of having this for quite sometime because it can be used in Africa 
very easily to get a hold of my family.

So Monday night before going to bed I gave the wish/desire to God.

I prayed:

"Lord, would you please provide an iPhone and oh by the way God it'd be cool
 if you'd provide it free of charge, ya' know since finances are tight with moving.
 Thank you so much!"

You will never believe what God did in the matter of less then twenty-four hours!

Tuesday morning I spent some time with Jesus and then loaded the internet.

There on my Facebook page was the most amazing email.

Someone I don't really know had written me an email saying
they had felt called to give.

In the email they shared that they were going to send a check
 and that they wanted me to go buy an iPhone.

Can you believe it?

I mean, I hardly know this person.

He had answered my prayer.

Less then 24 hours later and He had answered.

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and 
He will give you the desires of your heart.

 He is always faithful.

I love watching God surprise me.
He is just soooo good.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Childhood memories

Childhood memories.

                                           {my best friend growing up - Kelsi and Me}

Old journals filled with grown-up dreams.

I love everything that childhood brings.

Dollhouse and playing dress up.

Running with the boys and climbing trees.

Playing Army and having big brother make us carry bricks in our backpacks.

I loved everything about being a child.

I've been going through boxes of childhood memories trying to 
narrow it down to the things I may really need.

I forgot moving means you take everything.

But with moving across the ocean  I will only be able to take what can fit into three suitcases.

I've been sorting pictures and can't believe how fast life changes.

Going through box after box of childhood.

Boxes full of pictures, trinkets, dolls and old birthday cards.

Letters from my grandparents who will never write me another card.

I'm no longer dreaming of what I'll be when I grow up or filling journals with my dreams.

Now I am all grown up,

Or as grown up as I can be at 19 years old.

I am finally about to live out my biggest dream as a full time as a missionary to Uganda, East Africa.

I love childhood memories but I am looking forward to what the future brings!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the LORD,"
 plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Moving to Africa - An Adventure of a lifetime


A word I hold so dear.

The country I hold in my heart.

The people with smiling eyes and huge white smiles who draw me.

The children who have my heart around their  little pinky finger.

The soil so rich and ready for harvesting.

The tribes that have never heard the gospel.

The place I have dreamed of moving to for 13 years.

It is finally about to come true.

Weird to grow up dreaming to be a Missionary.

When  people would ask what I wanted to be when I grow up:
I'd smile and look up "A MISSIONARY" I would say.

The strange little girl they thought I was.

But God had put it on my heart.

Longing to work with Orphans.

I remember begging God when I was only six years old.

When I'd say my prayers I began to feel God calling me to Africa.

I remember praying this prayer every day and night.

"Dear God, would you please let me be a missionary to Africa?"

Yet years have passed and finally I am answering God's call on my life.

I am preparing to move to Uganda!

How long you may ask?


 It's where God has called me to be a lifer in East Africa.

I will be going as a Missionary under

 International Voice of The Orphan

For this I couldn't be happier.

If you haven't checked out their site, it's a must!

I will be partnering with A Perfect Injustice

Where I will be working with Abby and David Kkeeto
{dear friends of mine}

I will be helping out in there street programs and feeding programs.

On other day's I will be partnering with other ministries as I strive to learn the ropes of Uganda.

Where I will work with the best of my abilities to learn from my friends.

Where I will learn the culture.

The language.


Someday down the road I believe God has called me to start and Orphanage.

For now though I believe will be my time of preparation.

I will be preparing for the future.

I am so excited and I can't wait to officially be there!

Please be praying for me as I step out in faith and prepare to move to Africa!

More details to follow..

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Officially Official ....

....A picture worth a thousand words....

It's finally Official.

I am so excited to finally be able to share my news with you! 

Details are coming soon ....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vincent- Dying of Eye Cancer. Would you pray?

Sometimes the stories I tell are about happiness.

 Sometimes they are filled with many tears as I type.

All my stories are from the heart: 

actual events and moments that took place in Africa
stories that have happened at home.

Today my story goes back to a rural village.

About an hour outside of Kampala.

Over bumpy roads and ruts in the road.

Through jungle and brush.

Past mud huts and into the bush.

where we found

"Praise House"

 The place where we were put in a water filter system and held a VBS for her kids and the village kids. 

That day I was caught up in the hub of activity as the kids welcomed us with dancing and singing.

We sat on little wood benches and watched with amazement as these children sang of their Savior.

I laughed and snapped pictures - just enjoying their performance.

Not until awhile later did I actually notice him.

A friend of mine pulled me aside and asked if I had seen him,

 "You know, the little boy who is sick with cancer."

I was speechless.

I hadn't seen a sick little boy at all.

I had been too caught up in the whirlwind of the activity to notice him.

I was on a mission then.

Searching through the little children's faces here and there,
I looked everywhere for the boy she had described.

Not until I neared the porch did I find him.

He sat there with his feet dangling from the edge as he stared out.

All day I hadn't taken the time to see him.

He'd been there but somehow with the commotion I missed his sweet little face.

I sat down next to him as the rain began to pound on the roof.

Tears falling.

How could I miss HIM Lord?

How had I missed this precious little guy?

I talked with director and she told me his story.

He was abandoned and left by his mother.

He was deemed as worthless.

{Please note I am not blaming his mother}
medical care is hard to come by.

The mom had figured it would be easier to leave him now then to have him die before her eyes.

Often in Uganda if you can't feed your kids then you obviously won't be able to afford medical care or transport to the government's free hospital.

And this little guy was dying right before my eyes.

I cuddled him and whispered words of love.

I handed him some "goodies" that I had brought with me.

{Thank you project snack bag}

He broke my heart in more ways then one.

Who knew a little boy in a village could change your world?

Please meet


dying of eye cancer in a rural village.

He is Treasured by God.

Vincent is now receiving medical care through International Voice of the Orphan
medical sponsorship program and we are praying for his healing.

Will you join me in praying for Vincent's healing?

If you would like to help, send me an email,
which is located on the sidebar.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Cooking for 700+

I've been thinking about dinner.

No not that I am hungry this moment.

But i've been thinking about dinner in general.


The meal that brings family & friends together.

You just slaved in the kitchen,

the people around the table don't always say thank you.

Which can result in frustration.

All they saw was the finished product.

They didn't notice all the little details that become a meal.

You go to the store to buy groceries and all you see is the finished project.

For some reason many times we forget the details.

We fail to realize what goes into making dinner.

Sometimes we just think "Wow, this is good".

Yet it's easy to forget about the people in the background.

The chef at a restaurant - working behind the scences to prepare exactly what you ordered.

Easy to just eat.

Ask for the bill and forget the details.

Easy for us -to forget what went into the meal behind the scenes.

I sit here in awe of the Ugandan woman.

Across the world from me as they prepare and slave over hot charcoal to prepare a meal.

Larger then any of us can imagine.

When I was in Uganda during the pastors conference

I decided to wonder around and chat with some of my Ugandan friends.

Little did I know across the tent behind the church was several
of the local village ladies slaving over hot charcoal.

They were preparing dinner for the pastors.

I don't even know how I would begin to plan dinner for 700+ people!!

Yet they just add a bit more of this and a bit of that.

They sit in the hot sun.

Over smoldering charcoal and they cook.

Laughing and talking with each other as they make dinner.

They never once complain.

It takes averagely 12+ hours to make a simple meal of Rice &
beans along with a few side dishes.

Can you even begin to imagine?

What does it take to make a meal for 700+ people?

Lot's of hard work.

Seriously these woman just amaze me!

Meet my beautiful friend's.

Aren't they so beautiful?

{My dear friends and me}

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Olympics. Just loving it!

Don't you just love the Olympics?

I had a layover in London recently on my way home from Uganda.

 I was able to see the preparations for the Olympics!

It was so beautiful.

                           {My Dad and I...Notice clock in the background? Just 41 days before!}

Countries around the globe coming together for this event to compete.

It's so very exciting!

I, for one, am routing for several different teams!

I love the USA of course.

I also am cheering for Uganda!

I'm sure you didn't guess that one, right?


But I also find myself cheering for several others as we go.

You know how they do private interviews with some of the athletes?

Yea so - usually after that I also begin to cheer for them specifically as well.

I just love sitting in front of the TV and watching.

How amazing is it to have  people from different,

cultures, languages and countries come together for this one event!

I just love it - anything and everything about the Olympics is just AMAZING!