Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arriving Home - my heart cries!

I arrived home from Uganda early in the morning about 2:00am just one week ago.

The trip was long as I have come home being sick with strep!
But being sick this way is a good thing. 
Even though being sick is no fun.

It means something wonderful.

It means that I loved.

It means I loved and snuggled and kissed and held
who's noses wouldn't stop running,

who were so sick as i cuddled them and whispered to them that
"Jesus Loves them".

Who were hanging on to life by a thread.
It means I loved.
It means that I didn't hold back when snot was running down there clothes.
When there pants were dripping with pee.
Who were so malnourished that breathing was hard for them to do.

It means that I loved the kids who have never felt loved.
That I had the privilege to hold them.

Being able to love is a wonderful thing!

What are you going to do with your love?

Sometimes people wonder do I have enough love?

Yes yes you do.

Now what are you going to do with all that love?

Come to Uganda with me and I will show you:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Journey

In just 6 weeks I get to board a plane again!! 

My heart is screaming with excitement.


I get to go back to My Uganda  for my 7th trip.

My 7th time to be able to be where my heart longs to be.
To be where God has called me.

Boarding a plane every trip gives me an anticipation.
Its the beginning of another journey.

A journey

To see what connections God will place in my life.

To see how God will use me.

It's such a feeling,
A feeling that makes me squirm in my seat.

You know that feeling of when you have been looking forward to something for so long?
When finally that day comes?

Thats the kind of feeling.
You can't decide what to do next but you have a huge smile on your face. 
A little nervous excitement butterflies in your tummy.

Yep thats the kind of feeling I get when I board that plane.
I have been fundraising and seeing God provide major. 

With going so often raising the funds sometimes look doubtful.
Will I be able to make it?
Will God provide?

Yes He does everytime!
He surprises me every trip! 
By showing me His faithfulness, His love and how He provides every every every time.

I can't wait to begin the Journey again!

*Also my computer has had major problems, so the stories of my most recent trip, will finally start coming.  Keep checking my blog for the stories and lots and lots of pictures*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hardest words to say "Goodbye Edith"

Last night the hardest thing that I have had to do happened,
I had to say "Goodbye" to my darling Edith.

She told me the day that I arrived in Uganda
She wanted me to take her to the car
I said "No Edith no car"

She said "BODA BODA!"

Meaning that she wanted me to taker her on the motorcycle.
She wanted me to take her far away.
Just Edith and Me.
I had to tell her "No Edith No boda boda."

With all of my heart I wanted to jump in the car and take her far away.
I wanted to jump on the Boda, and take her with me far away,
 Just Edith and Me.

She stayed with me all week. Never leaving my side -
Everyday and afternoon,
That I came to volunteer at the baby home she would run with a
 BIG smile on her face and throw her arms around me.

We are buddies Edith and Me.
She would hold my hand and talk and talk.
She told me "I love you Emma" 
for the very first time.
The first time she has ever said I love you to anyone.
All of her life she has never felt loved,
I feel so privileged that she would chose to LOVE me.
That she would feel loved enough from me,to want to love me.
At night she would cry and cry when I left.
Not understanding why I wouldn't take her with me.
Not understanding that I love her so so very much.
Not understanding that there is nothing in the World that 
I want more then for her to come home.
She sits in her bed at night crying.
Why I won't take her home.
Why she isn't good enough.
My heart is breaking in millions of little pieces.
All day yesterday I told her I was leaving.
Going to America.
On an Airplane.
But that I was coming back in 7 weeks.
Her face got all sad and depressed and she said "NOOOO".
As night time approached I could see the difference in her 
attitude all withdrawn and quiet.
As dinner came and went, it  was potty time and then bath time.
I waited  to dress her and pulled out some pJ's   
{that I brought from the states for her.}
They fit her perfectly.
She looked so snuggly and beautiful.
I dressed her and then we went and sat on the bench and rocked and talked.
She shut down.
I believe she understood that I was leaving her,
that she couldn't come home with me.
That to protect herself she had to
Shut down.
she snuggled in my arms as I whispered in her ear  
that i love her so much and prayed for her.
She fell asleep in my arms. 
As tears rolled down my face.
I believe she shut herself down because she wanted to remember that moment of feeling loved and safe.
But if only I had my choice I'd take her home right then.
I rocked her and rocked her praying she wouldn't wake till morning.
I tucked her in to bed and kissed her check.
My sweet Edith I will miss you everyday and be praying for you my sweet girl.
I love you Edith,
Don't forget me.
Love Mama Emma.

Monday, April 11, 2011



I figured you were all waiting for an update on how my 6th trip to Uganda is?!
So praise the Lord for free wifi that we have been blessed with tonight at a friend's for dinner:)
The guest house internet has not been working it has been in and out.

If you haven't thanked the Lord for your Internet today, really now would be a good time!
So really internet is such a blessing.
 I'm so excited to finally be able to write!

The team is doing amazing:)
We have so much fun together and really they are being so touched and 
 they are thinking about when they can come back again!

I am loving being back again.
I feel like I'm at home here.
I can't wait for the day that I stand in the citizen line as I enter My Uganda.

The time is going fast and it feels like I just got here.
I am not ready to realize this is my last week here until June.
I really wish I could just have my stuff sent here and stay forever.
I know I  am called to Uganda and I can't imagine the day this week 
that I have to hug my babies and tell them goodbye.

I really would if I could move to My Uganda today:)
So is anyone willing to go to Colorado and pack my stuff?
I'll pay shipping:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is Linny.  I am so sorry to say that the live stream video did not work out.  We were so excited as we anticipated it, but unfortunately there are some things that don't turn out as planned.  Thank you for waiting up to all who did and thank you for being understanding.  It has been a morning mixed with many emotions.  I will write more soon.  We are going to the reception now.  We did take quite a few pictures, so you will see those when we are able.  ~Linny

Friday, April 8, 2011


watch this video, if connection doesn't work read below

Should the video not work {because of the slow connection in Uganda}

we are happy to announce that we are going to mainstream Abby and David's wedding.

The connection is listed under:

the channel is EmONAMISSION.

The show name is David and Abby's wedding

Join us at 10am Uganda time
1am Mountain Standard time!

Watch the wedding of the century and the boys you all shopped for
at there very first wedding to ever attend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Answered prayer - my baby girl

Today a miracle took place,and I mean a miracle
Seriously bloggy friends God is so good!

Just Thursday 3 days before I left for Uganda
I received an email from a friend who volunteers at the baby home once a week.
In the letter it told me how my sweet baby girl that I love was leaving the baby home.
It said that they thought she would be gone by the time I arrived in Uganda.

{She was so sweet to email me and share the sad news}

My heart was shattered.
Everything inside me felt broken. 

I would never have the chance

to tell my darling girl  Edith I love her one more time.

To hug her sweet little body against mine and snuggle her  one more time.
I would never be able to tell her Goodbye.

I prepared myself for not seeing her sweet face greet me.
I felt sad and hopeless.
So I prayed and prayed:

"God please let me see her one more time
Find a way please"

So this afternoon I went to the baby home with the team.
Gideon who calls me "Mama  Emma" came running and through his arms around me.
I looked around NO Edith.
I turned somemore NO Edith.

I walked up the side walk  and up some stairs to the gazebo
Still NO Edith.

I met the Lady 
who was going to give the tour with for the team to see
 the whole baby home and hear the history.

I asked her "Is Edith here?" 
She said: "yes"
I said:
"She is? Where is she?"

As I turned around behind me she pointed to a baby
I said: "Edith"
She spun around and smiled and ran and ran with her arms open out she grabbed me in a hug.
She didn't let me go.
She hugged me tight.
As my eyes welled up with tears.
Yes God has answered my prayer my baby was here!

She held onto me the rest of the day never letting me go.
This is living proof that 
God does do miracles today!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are we there yet?

We left Sunday afternoon to begin out journey to Uganda!
Monday we flew out and met the team in Texas
Tuesday we arrived in Europe and walked around the city

It's Tuesday night and we are exhausted.
Falling asleep standing,falling asleep praying,falling asleep all over but trying to stay awake. 
Our bodies our so sleepy and tired.
You could say the time change is hitting us hard!
But we are anticipating, arriving in my sweet Uganda tomorrow morning early

The last flight was really bumpy and it didn't sit well with everyone,
so please be praying for a smooth flight!

I can't wait to be there holding my sweet babies and seeing my Ugandan brothers and sisters! 
Its so close I am finally almost back to my Uganda!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Off I go:)

The countdown has come to end. 
My alarm on my calendar in my phone has rung.
 The bags are packed and loaded. 
The team is boarding their flights around the country to meet for the first time.
I find myself saying im going I'm going
 It's today it's today
I'm going to uganda today!! 
I still can't believe its finally today!
God your so good!! 
I'm so excited and still in shock that it is finally today! 
I'm sitting in the airport about to board my first of many flights! 

Please be praying for mom and I and the team. 
Pray for safety and smooth flights. 

Pray for peace and god to use us! 

Watch out Uganda here we come