Friday, December 23, 2011

Hit the Ground Running

Good morning my bloggy friends,

Its been awhile since I've posted and for that I'm truly sorry!

These past few weeks and months have been crazy. 

{You might want to grab some coffee cause this is one long post}

My mom and I and Ruby Grace landed in the states and hit the ground running. 


We have been busy busy.

As soon as we landed Ruby was rushed to the hospital where she received 3 surgeries in a matter of 3 weeks!! 

She's our little fighter, that girl!

Ruby Grace has to be constantly monitored and near a children's hospital in a matter of minutes.

With that said,
we have also been in a transition time.

We have dropped our nets and moved to beautiful sunny Arizona.

{Destini, my best friend, and me saying goodbye}

My Dad and I and Graham drove home to Colorado to pack the house and move.

We packed the whole house and cleaned most of it in less than 5 days  
and were on our way with the moving trucks!!

Moving has never been easy and leaving your friends behind well it's just tough!

{our tree we carved our names in when we were little}

But if God has called my family to move, how can I not go?!

But God's called me to Arizona for a time and for that I'm excited. 

He has great plans for my life. 

I  am preparing to move to Africa in just less then a year,

I never thought that I would move again {until Africa that is}.

In my head I pictured just packing my bags and saying goodbye to my loved ones and friends in Colorado. 

I never thought Arizona was where He'd call me before.

But when He did, I knew this was where He wanted me for the time being.

Arizona has so many opportunities for me, so many things I can use to prepare myself for Uganda.

For that I am beyond excited.

Uganda in less then year I'll call it home.

But for now I'll live each day to its fullest I want to make each day here count.

Not just sit around waiting for next year.

He's called me here for the time being and for that I can't wait to see what HE has planned for me!