Thursday, November 3, 2011

God's Healing... My sister Ruby

As many of you know I came with my mom to Uganda to bring home my little, little baby sister Ruby.

She is precious and is beyond words adorable.

I met her way back in June on a missions trip that I was co-leading,
with my Dad.

I instantly fell in love with her. So drawn to the sweet teeny-tiny frail baby girl.

I asked my bloggy friends to join me in praying and many of you joined in.

She was so sick and weak that we weren't sure she was going to make it through the night.

We prayed and as others around the world began to pray

God heard our prayers and began healing her.  

Little by little she is growing.

She is becoming stronger everyday.

She still has a long road of hospitals, surgeries and medicine in her future.

But God has good plans for my sweet little sister Ruby.

I'm so in love with her.

She smiles and cues and it's so adorable.

Every time I hold her she reaches her little hand to my hair and rubs it.

How God is healing her is amazing to watch.

Please continue to pray for her healing as we head towards home. 

For peace as we fly and that the doctors in the USA would have wisdom.

For now I will leave you with a picture of my sister Ruby and Me.  :)


Chrisann said...

So very precious! Can't wait for you guys to get home with her. I'll be around at Christmas and can't wait to meet her!

Angi said...

She is so much bigger than the first picture you've shared! Praise God for what he is doing!! Hope you all come home safely (and soon!)

Lisa said...

I've just popped in here from you mom's site and I am so inspired by your walk of faith. If you'd ever like to guest post at, along the lines of being young and stepping out to do the outrageous for God, I'd love to feature you and your blog!


P.S. Your sister is beautiful, just like you!

Amber said...

Love the picture!
I am praying for Ruby's healing and for you and your mom. Praying for you long, safe trip home!
love ya! Amber

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing and wise young lady! You are a treasure and it is a blessing to read your posts. Fan of your mom's blog

Heather and Kathy said...

what a lovely picture of your and your sister! Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way for Ruby's continued healing!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!! Love it. Such a great picture of Ruby with her excited and proud big sister. Your great,


Janet said...

What a beautiful testimony of Gods healing power! Love the picture of you and Ruby grace! She is so very lucky to have an awesome big sister like you! Janet

Joanna said...

Goodness girl! She looks perfect in your arms!! And you 'do' Africa so well. Me on the other hand? Ahem...yea lets not go there. ;)

Miss you!!

Joanna said...

also I am praying for Ruby!! She is such a champ!!!!!