Thursday, September 29, 2011

Digging through trash for dinner.

Oh how my heart breaks today.

We had to walk to the lawyers office today in downtown Kampala. 

A good fast walk that takes an hour and thirty minutes if walking briskly. 

Downtown is very crowded and you pass many many people.

Downtown is where one million  and a half people go a day.

It's busy.

It's crazy.

It's where the vendors go to make a living so they can feed there families.

Its where the business men go to work.

It's where the boda drivers {motorcycles}  and taxis
constantly are driving passed and stopping and picking up new people.

It's where the street children bag for food or money.

It's where the Street boys live.

It's where the street mama's live with there little babies.

To some it is home.

For others they are nearly in the city trying to survive the day.

As you walk through Kampala, you pass the man who is crippled and been denied by society.

The Woman who has been rejected because she has AIDS.

The child who has been abused by his stepmother and so he ran away from home.

Then as I headed home I saw something that breaks every part of my heart.

There stood two little girls who couldn't be more then 10 and 11 yrs old.

As I turned I saw. 

They were digging through the trash for food.

They were Karamojong children.

Meaning the reason they have fled to the city is because they are from a tribe that is very war torn.

They are the tribe I have felt God has called me to work with.

I carry food in my purse for times when I see street children.

You should have seen there smiles when I handed them some food.

I feel guilty sometimes to think that I have food all the time and there are millions of people who don't get to eat today. 

Have you ever thought of praying for these people? 

Like the little girls for example.

Or maybe God is just waiting for you to ask him what you can do about it?

We may not all feel called to work with the Karmojong people, or to work in Africa.

But  God calls us all to do something..

Maybe you could sponsor a child?


Maybe you could help by making food bags for the people in Uganda?

Or even the homeless in your area?

Or simply start by asking God what he'd have you do.

All  I know is I never want to to forget those girls faces.

Digging through the trash for dinner.

I want to forever remember.

Never forget.

"Dear God,

Show me how to help, what to do, where to begin."

It we all did something there would be a lot less going hungry tonight.

My heart continues to break.


J-Mo said...

Praying for you sweet girl! I love your heart for God's children. Every single one of them. I'm praying for your ministry.

Suzette said...

God has given you a beautiful heart for beautiful people and as you give Him the glory He will bless you! You, and the stories you tell are such a blessing and inspiration. Be blessed and keep on encouraging others.

Olivia said...

i will pray for you and so people can help you reach children