Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overwhelmed by pictures

After coming home this trip I felt overwhelmed by all I saw and felt while I was in Africa.

So much pain, so much sorrow, but so much joy that these precious people have! 

They live through so much more then we Americans can ever imagine.

When you're there you realize all that what we see in pictures is real.

It's just a picture until you see it, smell it, feel it.

You can't see the pain in the people's eyes until you're face to face.

You see, in America you can walk away from the picture and chose to ignore what you saw in a moment.

You can forget about what you saw in the face of that little orphan.

Once your there you can never forget each face. 

I can't forget those treasures that are waiting for families. 

I can't forget the faces you see in photographs.

I have to remember them.

I don't ever want to become so used to seeing the pictures so used to passing the little orphan begging on the street.

{ My Monica pictured above orphan in Ghana West Africa} 

I want to always remember.

I want to never become so used to seeing it I forget to remember it's REAL.

Never to forget, never to become so used to the pain.

"Dear God, Keep breaking my heart for what breaks yours! "


Jim and April said...

beautiful. so is your heart.

Natasha said...

Love your blog post. I just wrote on my blog (www.natashas-africa.blogspot.com) about seeing the faces of all the children in the dark and quiet times I have. I too, hope I NEVER forget that this is a real situation.
Thank you for sharing xxx

Anonymous said...

Emma you have a great heart and you won't forget! I know I will never. Plus you have been so many times you have seen and felt it a lot. It will stay with you! I pray it does.

Chrisann said...

I love your heart, Emma.

Spencer Girls said...