Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pray 4 Karl

{I took this picture of them at the church picnic on July 3rd}

I have been taking a short brake from blogging with going to and from the hospital to be with my older sister Autumn who is just 3 1/2 years older then me.

For any of you who don't know, my sister's boyfriend: Karl was in a
 terrible motorcycle accident last sunday...

He was on the way to pick up my sister for church.

He was airlifted to the hospital.

The hospital is about an hour and a half away.

When I am not at the hospital

I am home playing and watching my sibs!

 {my brother}
 and I  have been switching back and fourth so we can both be with Autumn! 

Karl is in a coma and has suffered a major brain trauma. 

{He had brain surgery last week.}

Will you please join me in praying for Karl's complete healing?

That he would wake up voluntarily.

For comfort for my sister and his family?


Join me in 



Suzette said...

Praying daily for his complete healing!

Rose said...

We are praying, dear Emma.

AnnMarie said...

I also follow your Mom's blog so Karl has been in my thoughts. Your family is blessed to have you with all you have been doing this week!

I also wanted to wish you Happy Birthday.

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

We will definitely be praying for him and for both of your families.

Alexandra Oliver said...

will do Em :)

Alexandra Oliver said...

Will do Em :)

Sydney said...


Anonymous said...

Hello. I've been reading your mom's blog since about a month before the fire you guys had, and I've visited yours just recently.
There is another blog I read, and I don't see it in your blog reading list. Maybe you'd be interested? It's called "the journey" (I have nothing to do with it, just a reader) It's by a Christian girl named Katie who is (I think 20) who moved to Africa and is now the surrogate mother to 14 children, and helps MANY others along the way. Her "story" is AMAZING, and I thought maybe it would be something you would like to read. I hope you don't mind me sharing that in your comments section. She kind of reminds me of you, with your passion for Uganda. :) Here's the link. I promise it's just to her blog, nothing spammy. :)

from Lana, in BC Canada.

Jenna said...

Hi Emma
My name is Jenna and i came across your site. you are an amazing, beautiful, wonderful, and positive person. What you do is just awesome. I will be praying for Karl, his family, your family, and your sister. U will be in my thoughts. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and i love it when people sign my guestbook.