Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday it rained and rained and rained!!
I don't think that I have ever seen so much rain!

I thought that because of the rain the kids would not come for VBS.
But Man was I wrong!

When we arrived to start VBS,
we had about 100 kids waiting anxiously.

We started with singing some songs!

We sang "This little light of mine"
"father Abraham"
and many many more.
As we sang more childran from the village kept arriving.
They were from all over, some having walked for miles.

They came dripping wet in their best clothes.
Oh how excited their little faces were.

I shared a story from the Bible
{with the translator's help}
When we asked who wanted to ask Jesus into their heart,
I have never seen so many children's hands shoot up.

I asked one of the girls on the team  to count and she lost count in the 70+ hands raised.

These children wanted Jesus so badly.
Their  hands went flying up all around the room.

I'm pretty sure Heaven is still having a party!


Rebecca said...

Praise God! A little (or a lot of) rain can't stand in the way of God's call for his children :)

Delaney said...

God is amazing!

Katy said...

I feel like praising the Lord! Okay, I am!

Dina Klink said...

Such AMAZING work you, your team and God are doing!!! May God continue to bless your mission with supernatural gifts!

Emily said...

How amazing is our Lord!

Your post actually made me cry. I was thinking of you all during our church service this evening - I am so happy to here how the lord has graced you all in Uganda this weekend.

Thank you Emma, for your love for the orphans and your relentless selflessness. I only hope and pray that one day I may be able you to join you all on a mission trip.

Best wishes,

Emily (aged 18 from the UK)

Vicky said...

That is totally awesome!

Suzette said...

Rejoicing with you! Oh how I wish our kids would come to VBS tonight with such excitement! Praying for souls to be saved both in the states and around the world through VBS!

Bekah and Corey said...

So cool! Praise God!

Erica said...

Wow, Emma, you inspire me. What a moment for you to be a part of...Our God is so good!

stephanie said...

SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Oh how they must love you Em. And your love for these sweet children is so beautiful to see!

Terynn said...

YESSSS!!!!! ::fist pumps for God::

Wendy said...

So awesome! What a mighty God we serve!!

Wendy in Kentucky

Susan A said...

Wow, that's astonishing, that's awesome... He's got you right where He wants you to be! :) :) :)

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh sweet girl--you know there is a party going on!! Thank you Emma for doing what you are doing--loving on your Ugandan babies with all your heart!

Love from Texas!


Jan J. said...

What an amazing ministry you are performing for these precious children. I have followed your mom's blog a long time and know she is so proud of you. Part of me wishes my 13- and 14-year-old would have a calling such as yours and part of me selfishly hopes they don't as I would fear for them, but I think it is wonderful that God so clearly called you to Uganda. God bless!

Eve said...

I can just picture the party taking place!! What an amazing moment to witness! :D

Renae said...

AWESOME!!:) So glad you are there spreading the love and hope found in Jesus!

Elizabeth said...

Praise the Lord!! thank you for sharing Emma.
(I read your Mom's blog)

Oh Dear said...

Party going on at my computer as well! Praise God!!!

Sarah said...


Aunt Re Re said...

maybe it wasnt rain at all Em, maybe it was tears of joy from Heaven over all the 'savin that was going on! Praise Him and thank you for your steadfast heart and loving hands for these precious little ones!

Anonymous said...

how exciting. your doing a wonderful thing being there. you have inspired me.