Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soon I Will Get to Hold my Babies!

In just 7 days I zip my suit case closed.

I will glance behind me in the mirror one last time and head towards the door.

I will walk down the stairs and hug my brothers and sisters and my Mommy goodbye.

I will hug my team members and open the door .

I will walk to the car and load my bags in the back.

I will drive and drive four hours and arrive at a hotel.

There I will lay in bed awake and count the hours till I fly away..

I will wake up excited as ever. Its the day I have been waiting for!

I will head to the aiport and board countless planes.

I will smile as I look down from my last plane into the darkness.

It's there down there   - my babies!
I will land on My Ugandan soil again!

I will be in Uganda in 9 days!

It will be night when I arrive and hug my Ugandan brothers and sister! 

I will ride home in the Matatoo {Van} and count the hours till I awake bright and early.

I will arrive at the guest house and hug all my friends that I have missed! They will welcome me home and tell me how "thankful" they are that I am back!

I will climb the stairs to my favorite room and shut the door. 
I'll go to bed waiting and waiting. 

In 10 days I will wake up early early!
 It will be the day I have been waiting for! 
I will run and run and rush to get ready and head to the baby home!
I will run to the gate,
sign my name "Emma" in the volunteer book
I will run up the walk
searching for their faces!
They will see me,
I will SMILE and
Hug my babies!!!!!!!!! 

Really I can not believe it is coming so soon until I get to hold my babies!!
Woot Woot God you're so good to me!


Stephanie said...

I can't tell you the comfort it is to know that in just 10 days, my boy will be one of the babies that you and the rest of the team will be holding and loving on. My friends don't get nearly enough time with the babies. And I'm so excited for you to be going back! :)

The Keierleber Characters said...

so happy for you! Will you see Juliet this trip? Can you inquire about her for us? We pray for her and think of her everyday, and would love to board a plan and bring her home today! :)

Toaster4JC said...

Wow it seems like yesterday you just got home!! I'm so excited you get to go again so soon! Have a great trip :)

Staci said...

How exciting!! Have a fabulous time :)

CARE Families said...

This was such a FUN post to read!

I feel it too dear "african" sister!

hugs from the haugers -
mark, lisa, tavin and taleah

Alexis said...

Hi Emma! I wish Alexis and I were going with you. Can't wait to follow along. Would be so great if Alexis finished your blog before you leave. :)

Sydney said...

So excited for you!!! :)

Katy said...

I am so excited for you!