Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packing my suitcase

I have always been a late packer a person who puts it off and puts it off. 
I wait and wait as if waiting will make it go faster! 

But today with just 2 days till I leave for Uganda and Ghana and Togo,
 I opened my bag and started putting clothes and supplies in my suitcase.

Finally its close enough for me to pack my suitcase.

I can hardly believe its coming so soon! 
I am so excited I jumped up and down up and down as I packed my bag!

Its not finished but its a good start:)

Okay well I guess I should get back to packing!

Sunday I hold my babies...ahhh...

okay I really am gonna go pack now:)


Anonymous said...

Have a great, fun, awesome, totally safe wonderful trip!! And enjoy packing!

Janet and Kevin said...

Emma - I have never seen a young lady so on fire for God's will in her life as you are! The light of Jesus shines in your life for others to see. It is simply beautiful! Will be praying for you, sweet sister in Christ, as you go back to your Africa.

janet and gang

AnnMarie said...

You go so often, why not just leave your suitcase PA ked next time? ;) then you will be the first to be all packed and ready!

Have a great time in Africa. I cant wait to hear your stories and see the pictures. I hope to go to Africa in a year or two.