Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet my friend Juliet - longing for a Family

Juliet is the sweetest thing.

I met her back in Summer of 2010.
When I was visiting the orphanage that she is at.

She was precious. 
She hangs around me and never leaves my side.
We quickly became the best of friends.

She's 3 years old.
But she talks so very much.
She speaks good English and so we got to talking when I was back in April.

I had already visited her several times since my first time meeting her so immediately she came over to me with such Joy on her face, seeing that I had come back to see her again.

She walks around calling me "Auntie Emma"

Auntie is an endearing term so I felt so privileged that she would call me Auntie along with the other children. They have seen me come back time after time so now I am known as there "Auntie" 
No longer am I just a visitor!

 We played and played when I was there in April. 
We played ball.
We rolled it back and fourth and she kept hiding it in her shirt and she would say in her adorable English Accent "Where'd it go?" 

Then she would tell me "Its gone." 

{Notice the ball behind her back}

                                                            {The balls under her shirt now}

 We were talking and playing the whole day and then she said something I will never forget.

She said  her friends name then "went to America"
She proceeded to tell me name after name of her friends who had left her.
They had "went to America"

Her whole attitude changed  as she became sad and she told me all of her friends who had left her.
Then a mama came up and said "You want to go to American to Juliet?"

She said "Yes"

This sweet precious girl has watched all her friends leave her.
She has watched them leave. 
Never to return she would think.

Gone to America.

I can't imagine such a sweet little girl watching child after child walk out the door.

She's left alone with the other children wondering why she can't go to America.

Wondering why she isn't chosen.

Today pray for my special friend Juliet to get a family.
For her to have her wish come true.
That she could go to America.
That she would have a family that loves her and cherishes her sweet spirit.

With every second of her telling me about her friends I wished I could just grab her and run for the door 
To say "I will take you in my family - you can come to America with me".
But I couldn't.

With everything I wished I could.

So when you think of our country please pray for Juliet, just a little girl in Uganda,
 longing for America and longing for a family.


Small Stones said...

This is a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing it. Do you know how someone would start the process to adopt her? Do you know what agency she would be with? Just wondering. :) I surely do love reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, your readers. You are an amazing young woman, and Christ's love shines so strongly through you. You are such a good example. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

She is sooooo cute. I will be praying for her and that she gets a family and will come to America!

Offset said...

That was beautiful, I'll be sure to pray for little Juliet

Staci said...

Emma, is Juliet available for adoption? Have you guys used an agency or gone through an orphanage for Uganda adoptions? I'd love to chat with you more about it, either on fb or my email is

Toaster4JC said...

Oh what a sweet sweet little girl! I can't imagine leaving there without her if I were you. Heartbreaking!

love said...

hi emma! do you know if she's eligible for adoption? i'd love to help her find a family...i'm certain we could if possible!

Kristie said...

Praying for her!! I know her family is out there somewhere! I wish I could adopt her!

The Keierleber Characters said...

I agree with the others- info on her? I'd about her tomorrow- not kidding.

I read your moms blog and now read yours, (duh lol)...i don't know either of you other than I'm a sister of y'all's in Christ and I'm a lover of orphans! :)

The Keierleber Characters said...

Oh my info... :)

Shelley said...

This just breaks my heart. Tears fill my eyes as I read this. My 3 yr old daughter is in bed sleeping. I could just scoop her up and love on her. I wonder what goes through her little mind when all her little friends keep leaving for American. Praying for this precious one. You are giving these little ones the love they need, if only for a short time, they know the love of Jesus.

Natasha said...

There's been news on little Juliet. Not quite America but she has a family. She left the orphanage in April and went to live with her Mama in Uganda! I hear she has a big sister now too. She is such a sweet little girl and deserves the very best :-)