Monday, April 4, 2011

Off I go:)

The countdown has come to end. 
My alarm on my calendar in my phone has rung.
 The bags are packed and loaded. 
The team is boarding their flights around the country to meet for the first time.
I find myself saying im going I'm going
 It's today it's today
I'm going to uganda today!! 
I still can't believe its finally today!
God your so good!! 
I'm so excited and still in shock that it is finally today! 
I'm sitting in the airport about to board my first of many flights! 

Please be praying for mom and I and the team. 
Pray for safety and smooth flights. 

Pray for peace and god to use us! 

Watch out Uganda here we come


Chris and Sarah said...

I'm very excited for you!!!

Praying that God uses you guys in amazing ways and that you have a smoothe and safe trip :)

Shauna said...

Have fun Sweetie! Prayers are going with you! May God be glorified!