Friday, March 25, 2011

A prayer answered- Yippee Jesus!

{Edith and me}

Recently I was flipping through some emails and
I came upon a letter.
but not just any letter a very special letter

 I began to pray recently that God would let me hear or see pictures of my Little Miss Edith. 

My heart has been broken for this sweet little bundle since
 I fell in love with her on my last trip to Uganda.

She was so so precious. 
As I loaded my emails I found a newsletter from the orphanage that she is at. 
This is a rare rare thing as they don't send out newsletters very often.
Like basically twice a year.

I loaded the newsletter and began to pray that God would have some pictures of her.

Now take a step back for a moment,
they never use new photos they have always been about 2 years old.

So I prayed "God please let there be news about my Edith"

I clicked on the email. 
and waited and waited and waited 

Sometimes the internet is way slower then it should be.
So I prayed and waited.

As the letter appeared I began to read and to my surprise there were 3 pictures of my sweet little Edith!
Can you believe that?

God is so good - He cares about the simple tiniest things- the little desires of your heart.

Yes that's my God for you!
Yippee Jesus!


Scrappy quilter said...

Yippee Jesus is right. That is so sweet.

Stephanie said...

Woooo! Yay God! So excited for you to be back here and loving on her in person. I'm so sad that I've not really been able to spend much time with her since I've been here. P.S. I think there is a picture of her on the Sanyu facebook page.. fyi.

Also... in that newsletter... any chance there's news and/or pictures about Raphael? (I so can't wait for y'all to meet him!)