Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Boy who laughed Part Two :The burns

(porridge burns above)

A few days back I did a post about the boy who laughed at me that day in the village of Ssenge the first time I met him {2008}.

Fast forward to January 2011 when I was in Uganda,

I was able to talk with him.

He speaks little english still so I had a friend of his translate for me.

I was asking him some questions and we were just talking and talking:

catching up after not seeing him for several months.

That's when I noticed something about him I had never noticed before.

He reached out for something and his long sleeve shirt came up.

I looked down and there I saw it.

The burns on his arms.

His arm looked raw and hurt.

I reached out and held his arm,

he pulled away from me.

I asked what had happened to my sweet boys arms?!

He told me this:

"My stepmother. She didn't like me so she spilled porridge on my arm."

She hurt my sweet boy because he wasn't her child.
My heart aches for him.
He then went on to tell me

 "she no buys me clothes or shoes"

He has been moved to live with his grandmother.  He no longer lives with his step-mother and father.

Can you imagine being rejected because you were not her child?
Just a step child?

Ah my heart aches and aches.

Dear Jesus please be with my sweet boy and heal his hurt and pain.  Heal his burns and scars.

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

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Catalina said...

Hello, I come to you with another heartfelt prayer request on behalf of my friends:http://www.drawnfromwater.org/blog
They run an orphanage in Ethiopia, and things have been getting tough, considering all the commotion there lately (regarding the orphans).
Please say a prayer or two on their behalf. Thank you. Love =)