Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Monday was the beginning of only one week till departure.
One week till we board the plane bound for
  My Uganda
bound for new beginnings
New stories.
New memories.
Bound for God moments.
I am so excited to see what God has for me on this trip. 
I really feel that it is for a significant reason,
For a reason beyond my wildest imagination.

My prayer is that:

"God will open my eyes to the things unseen, that my heart will be broken for them again. That he will use me and teach me. I want to be completely yours oh God."

Friday, March 25, 2011

A prayer answered- Yippee Jesus!

{Edith and me}

Recently I was flipping through some emails and
I came upon a letter.
but not just any letter a very special letter

 I began to pray recently that God would let me hear or see pictures of my Little Miss Edith. 

My heart has been broken for this sweet little bundle since
 I fell in love with her on my last trip to Uganda.

She was so so precious. 
As I loaded my emails I found a newsletter from the orphanage that she is at. 
This is a rare rare thing as they don't send out newsletters very often.
Like basically twice a year.

I loaded the newsletter and began to pray that God would have some pictures of her.

Now take a step back for a moment,
they never use new photos they have always been about 2 years old.

So I prayed "God please let there be news about my Edith"

I clicked on the email. 
and waited and waited and waited 

Sometimes the internet is way slower then it should be.
So I prayed and waited.

As the letter appeared I began to read and to my surprise there were 3 pictures of my sweet little Edith!
Can you believe that?

God is so good - He cares about the simple tiniest things- the little desires of your heart.

Yes that's my God for you!
Yippee Jesus!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Boy who laughed Part Two :The burns

(porridge burns above)

A few days back I did a post about the boy who laughed at me that day in the village of Ssenge the first time I met him {2008}.

Fast forward to January 2011 when I was in Uganda,

I was able to talk with him.

He speaks little english still so I had a friend of his translate for me.

I was asking him some questions and we were just talking and talking:

catching up after not seeing him for several months.

That's when I noticed something about him I had never noticed before.

He reached out for something and his long sleeve shirt came up.

I looked down and there I saw it.

The burns on his arms.

His arm looked raw and hurt.

I reached out and held his arm,

he pulled away from me.

I asked what had happened to my sweet boys arms?!

He told me this:

"My stepmother. She didn't like me so she spilled porridge on my arm."

She hurt my sweet boy because he wasn't her child.
My heart aches for him.
He then went on to tell me

 "she no buys me clothes or shoes"

He has been moved to live with his grandmother.  He no longer lives with his step-mother and father.

Can you imagine being rejected because you were not her child?
Just a step child?

Ah my heart aches and aches.

Dear Jesus please be with my sweet boy and heal his hurt and pain.  Heal his burns and scars.

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heart ache and healing for Destini

(Me and Destini summer camp 2010)

This past week I was driving home in the car with my Mom
when I heard NEWS that made my heart want to stop.
I found out my best friend Destini is sick.

Now let's take a step back for a moment.
Destini and I met when she first moved here 5+ years ago.
We instantly became best friends, we went and did everything together.

We dressed alike and matched in everything we did, we also styled our hair the same.
We were the same height so it worked perfectly everywhere we went they asked questions about how we were twins!

We laughed together and cried together and grew up into young ladies together.
We have always been opposites.

I am the singer and Africa lover, I'm not really good at sports but I love to dance and I love Drama {as in acting}. :)

She is the sporty type playing every sport imaginable
and she has always been so healthy and she loves to exercise, joy just flows out of her she is nice and sweet and everybody's friend.

Destini and I have many memories together we used to make videos of us eating horrible food.
We love to watch scary movies together and scream and scream!

One year when we went to camp we decided to have a screaming contest on who could scream louder our contest lasted for over an hour!! Ha
ha our poor driver!
(camp 2010 showing off our muscles)

Now back to the present:

I learned Destini my best girl-friend in the world was sick.
Not just a cold or a flu but really really sick.

She was having horrible head aches
so her Mom ended up taking her to the doctor
they did X-rays and found out she has:


It is really serious.
It is sometimes treated like cancer with chemo.
There is no cure for it.
My heart is aching as is her family and her.
Would you join me in praying for Destini's healing?
For comfort and directions in where they should go {as in what specialist}?

The Bible says :

Isaiah 58:8-9

Then your light shall break forth like the morning

Your healing shall spring forth speedily,

And your righteousness shall go before you;

The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.

Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer;

You shall cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.

I'm crying out to you God please heal Destini bring her comfort, please touch her body.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Clock Countdown

Today is the start of spring break ,but not for me:)
I have something more exciting coming up!!
I have four sweet tiny sorta-long weeks.

Four Weeks.

OR one month

OR 672 hours.

40,320 minutes.

Can you tell I am just a litte bit excited?!

It seemed to finally be getting warm here in freezing Colorado
but today when I woke up it was snowing and snowing.

It seems Spring is still around the corner and so is Uganda.

I'm afraid waiting for something always seems to take forever.
I am patient but not very when it seems to be waiting for something you can't wait for.

For now I will just have to keep checking the clock and realize it's closer!

I only have

40,319 minutes.

I find myself staring at the clock and counting down the minutes.

40,318 minutes....
40,317 minutes...

Oh Golly miss molly.