Friday, February 11, 2011

Deja Vu?!

Everytime I see your picture I try to remember just how long ago I was there holding you.

It's weird thinking that just a few weeks ago I was there with you.

Was I really - my heart and mind ask?

Your face is different in my memory as your face fades.

I miss you my sweet girl.

Was I really there?!

Did I really hold you?!

Did you really love me back?!

My sweet girl.

I pray for you everyday.

And every night.

I can't stop thinking about that short little girl, who is

tiny tiny, her little puddgy hands reaching for me.

Her sweet little voice saying my name "Emma"

"Mama Emma"

My darling girl.

I love you.

In just 7 short weeks I will walk back down that dirt path on the edge of one of the most dangerous roads, I will walk and stumble as my excitment can't be contained.

I will smooth my hair and my skirt.

And quickly scribble my name in the volunteer book.

Then I will rush up those outside stairs and franticly turn the handle.

I will run through the doors past all the babies laying in there cribs.

I will run through the eating room searching for you.

Scanning the room for your sweet face.

Our eyes will meet.

My darling girl

Please see my picture and remember me.

Please darling.


Sydney said...

So glad you get to go back!!
Have fun!!

RoseHavenChronicles said...


Your post brought tears to my eyes... How beautifully you have captured in words what your heart feels! And, I have to add, what MY heart already feels for a child somewhere in the world who will someday call me "Mommy"!

So glad to know you, sweet sister!


Anonymous said...

Young lady you are truly a treasure! God's love shines through your smile.I love your love for missions and the orphan. God has a plan for you and it is so fun to watch it unfold! Go forth with God and accomplish much for Him! God bless!