Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Boy who laughed Part One

(sitting under the banana tree that day in 2008)

Recently when I was in Uganda just a little over a month ago,

I was able to see a boy I have fallen completely in love with.

It all started when I met him in July 2008.

It was the pastors conference and my first trip to my beloved Uganda.

I was one of the first American girls to visit this tiny village of Ssenge.

It is about an hour and a half outside of Kampala the capital.

Many people live in this village.

I was kinda bored of sitting in the church and decided to take a stroll outside and walk around

the little part near the church

I met several kids and none of them spoke English.

After awhile of meeting and playing with the kids outside it was so Hot and Humid and

{Ruel,Joshua,Sanyu and me inside the church}

so we all decided to sit on the ground under a banana tree.

The mamma's noticed me sitting with them in the dirt

so they brought out a mat for us all to sit on.

I felt so honored.

We quickly started doing signs to communicate to each other.

I pulled out some paper from my purse and some pens and the kids set to work writting on the papers, I thought for sure they would color and draw.

I looked down at one of the kids papers and saw that it was scribbled with numbers all over it,

that's when I realized none of these kids ever had the chance to be that -just kids.

These kid's always worked and worked to help there families.

There arms held muscle bigger then some teenage guys I know

because constantly they "fetch water" for their families.

Since in their village they have to hike down an incline to

pump water from the village well.

That's when I spotted him.

He was not far from where I was sitting surrounded by kids.

Surely he must of thought that I would not notice him standing but a few feet away.

He was talking with a girl.

They were laughing and then I caught his eye as he was pointing at me

and then burst out laughing with the girl.

They were talking in Luganda.

Clearly as I watched him I realized they were making fun of me.

Pointing and laughing and laughing..

I motioned to them and they would just laugh and laugh.

I knew surely they really didn't like me.

After all I was just visiting the village never to return right?

They thought I would just visit take some pictures and then they would never see me again.

That I would return to America and forget about the Ssenge people.

But that is not what God had planned for me.

He had called me.

Called me t0 work in Uganda.

To work in Ssenge village.

Since meeting this sweet precious boy who strongly disliked me

We have become friends.

He has learned to love me.

I love him.

He now calls me Sister.

I call him my Brother.

that girl he was laughing with that hot day in July now

considers me one of her best friends.

The two who would point me out and laugh and talk about me in Luganda,

now have learned I love them.

I will come back.

I care and won't forget them.

Now I can call them by name and they call me by mine.


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That is very special!

They know you love them! Priceless!