Monday, February 21, 2011


AH HA I am so over flowing with Joy.
I can not believe that another week has passed! God has been so good!
The time is coming fast and I am thrilled.
The team is assembled.
The flights are booked.
The guest house reservations have been made.
Oh yes.
The schedule is being planned.
The itinerary is being worked on.
Oh Yes.
Its close - its close!

God has totally been providing for me over and over again.
A lady wrote me a check yesterday at church and handed it to me.
I thought surely it was for the bake-sale we were doing..
I started to fold it and put it in the jar,
Then she quickly said "that's just for you"
Thank You Jesus for providing for me!!
You see my need and continue to show up and amaze me over and over again.
You always provide for me!!
Yippee Jesus!

Just 6 weeks away!
Then I will be on my way back to my sweet Uganda!!
Oh yes!


Molly said...

Emma commented on MY blog? I have been following your blog for awhile and I admire you a lot. I am so impressed with your heart and passion to help the people of Uganda. I can't wait to hear about your next trip and the wedding feast!

Isabel said...

so thrilled with you, Emma! I have also fallen in love with Uganda on a recent trip there to help orphans.
Which guest house are you usually staying at?
I am going back in August with my 15-year-old daughter.
thanks for letting me know!

carey.thomas said...

Ah ha! I have a thought.... if ever you need to...jump on a plane and come down to South Africa. There are many here who would also need you and we would accommodate you anytime in Johannesburg.
May God send His angels ahead of you and encamp around you all the time.