Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9 weeks!

Today is a good day.

Today is just Nine weeks

Nine weeks to what you may ask?!

Nine weeks till I am on my way again.

On my where?

Why back to Uganda, of course!

I never could have imagined that after just being home two weeks

I would be preparing to go back.

My heart is rejoicing.

In just nine weeks I will be holding her again.

I will be in the warm African sunshine.

In eight weeks I will be finishing school for the summer and packing my suit case.

And then you know what?

When I come home from that trip - I will be preparing again.

this time it will be about 6 weeks till I go back for my 7th trip.



I am Anxious.

Anxious to see what God is doing.

Why He is allowing me to go 3 times this year?!

What connections will I make for when I move there next year?


God is definitely up to something.

Nine weeks.


Here I come summer.

Here I come Uganda.

Here I come Edith!!


Imagine That said...

I am so excited to join you and your mom on this next trip. I can't wait to meet your special friends and get to know these children you love so much.

Stephanie said...

So excited for y'all to come! And this time tomorrow... I will be at Sanyu, loving on your sweet babies. :)

yellowgirl said...

you go, emma. adopt that little edith and freely give your life away to those whom Jesus loves the most. here in our mission we call them "throw-away kids"- the ones nobody wants. bless you!

Catalina said...

AWesome, may those weeks fly by quickly, so you can be back where your heart is.

Katy said...

I love what you are doing! You are truly on the mission God set out for you.

Gina Lind said...

Is there a way anyone else can join you on this upcoming trip?

Anonymous said...

My School, Valor Christian High School, do missions and my heart had been aching to go one of those trips since freshmen year...I wasn't able to go because I don't have a passport and still don't (my adoption paperwork wasn't finalize yet, too). This summer's mission trip, I want to go to Uganda with my school but I was too late when I wanted to sign up...anyway, I wish I can go with you.