Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Boy who laughed Part One

(sitting under the banana tree that day in 2008)

Recently when I was in Uganda just a little over a month ago,

I was able to see a boy I have fallen completely in love with.

It all started when I met him in July 2008.

It was the pastors conference and my first trip to my beloved Uganda.

I was one of the first American girls to visit this tiny village of Ssenge.

It is about an hour and a half outside of Kampala the capital.

Many people live in this village.

I was kinda bored of sitting in the church and decided to take a stroll outside and walk around

the little part near the church

I met several kids and none of them spoke English.

After awhile of meeting and playing with the kids outside it was so Hot and Humid and

{Ruel,Joshua,Sanyu and me inside the church}

so we all decided to sit on the ground under a banana tree.

The mamma's noticed me sitting with them in the dirt

so they brought out a mat for us all to sit on.

I felt so honored.

We quickly started doing signs to communicate to each other.

I pulled out some paper from my purse and some pens and the kids set to work writting on the papers, I thought for sure they would color and draw.

I looked down at one of the kids papers and saw that it was scribbled with numbers all over it,

that's when I realized none of these kids ever had the chance to be that -just kids.

These kid's always worked and worked to help there families.

There arms held muscle bigger then some teenage guys I know

because constantly they "fetch water" for their families.

Since in their village they have to hike down an incline to

pump water from the village well.

That's when I spotted him.

He was not far from where I was sitting surrounded by kids.

Surely he must of thought that I would not notice him standing but a few feet away.

He was talking with a girl.

They were laughing and then I caught his eye as he was pointing at me

and then burst out laughing with the girl.

They were talking in Luganda.

Clearly as I watched him I realized they were making fun of me.

Pointing and laughing and laughing..

I motioned to them and they would just laugh and laugh.

I knew surely they really didn't like me.

After all I was just visiting the village never to return right?

They thought I would just visit take some pictures and then they would never see me again.

That I would return to America and forget about the Ssenge people.

But that is not what God had planned for me.

He had called me.

Called me t0 work in Uganda.

To work in Ssenge village.

Since meeting this sweet precious boy who strongly disliked me

We have become friends.

He has learned to love me.

I love him.

He now calls me Sister.

I call him my Brother.

that girl he was laughing with that hot day in July now

considers me one of her best friends.

The two who would point me out and laugh and talk about me in Luganda,

now have learned I love them.

I will come back.

I care and won't forget them.

Now I can call them by name and they call me by mine.

Monday, February 21, 2011


AH HA I am so over flowing with Joy.
I can not believe that another week has passed! God has been so good!
The time is coming fast and I am thrilled.
The team is assembled.
The flights are booked.
The guest house reservations have been made.
Oh yes.
The schedule is being planned.
The itinerary is being worked on.
Oh Yes.
Its close - its close!

God has totally been providing for me over and over again.
A lady wrote me a check yesterday at church and handed it to me.
I thought surely it was for the bake-sale we were doing..
I started to fold it and put it in the jar,
Then she quickly said "that's just for you"
Thank You Jesus for providing for me!!
You see my need and continue to show up and amaze me over and over again.
You always provide for me!!
Yippee Jesus!

Just 6 weeks away!
Then I will be on my way back to my sweet Uganda!!
Oh yes!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Deja Vu?!

Everytime I see your picture I try to remember just how long ago I was there holding you.

It's weird thinking that just a few weeks ago I was there with you.

Was I really - my heart and mind ask?

Your face is different in my memory as your face fades.

I miss you my sweet girl.

Was I really there?!

Did I really hold you?!

Did you really love me back?!

My sweet girl.

I pray for you everyday.

And every night.

I can't stop thinking about that short little girl, who is

tiny tiny, her little puddgy hands reaching for me.

Her sweet little voice saying my name "Emma"

"Mama Emma"

My darling girl.

I love you.

In just 7 short weeks I will walk back down that dirt path on the edge of one of the most dangerous roads, I will walk and stumble as my excitment can't be contained.

I will smooth my hair and my skirt.

And quickly scribble my name in the volunteer book.

Then I will rush up those outside stairs and franticly turn the handle.

I will run through the doors past all the babies laying in there cribs.

I will run through the eating room searching for you.

Scanning the room for your sweet face.

Our eyes will meet.

My darling girl

Please see my picture and remember me.

Please darling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Weeks and Counting

Today marks one more week gone.

One more week closer.
Closer to leaving for my Uganda.

The anticipation is building.

The Lists are being made.
Yesterday Abby Tracy

(director and founder of A Perfect Injustice)
the dreamer and amazing young lady who first helped me make connections in Uganda....

my friend who is giving her life away
{and I want to be just like her}.
She just inspires me.
Abby and her Ugandan fiance were at the River Church
yesterday speaking about their ministry in Uganda.
We brainstormed together and later this
afternoon my Momma
will tell you all about an exciting opportunity for each
of you to collect for an Orphan Project!
I am so excited for this upcoming trip.

I know God must have something big in store.

We will be working alongside with A Perfect Injustice at several of their ministries,

We will also be working in Ssenge Village at African Hearts.

And in the Slums with the street kids and at the feeding program.

Of course we will also be loving on the babies at the baby home and at several orphanages.

I can't wait!

I can't wait!

Only 7 weeks.

7 weeks.
Uganada - here I come!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


My heart is heavy from some news I just read in an email.

Do you ever feel like you carry a burden for a reason?!

Like maybe this burden is so that you will get involved and change the destiny?!

So that the destiny for those Orphans is changed?!

So that they are rescued?!

So that those Orphans can be healed.

So that those Orphans can be placed in a Forever Family?!

So that life can be saved.

So that they are not alone.

So that the weight they have carried for so long is lifted.

So that they can just be a baby?!

So that they can be loved?!

So that they can love in return?!

That is a burden I feel like I am carrying.

I feel like maybe this is the reason I am here.

In this place at this time.

To fight.

To give it all I have.

To not give up.

To prevail.

To win this battle for their Destiny.

Esther 4:14

"You were made for such a time as this"

I pray this prayer.

"May we all be convicted until together we set the captives free."

I will fight with everything I have.

"God will make a way when there seems to be no way"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9 weeks!

Today is a good day.

Today is just Nine weeks

Nine weeks to what you may ask?!

Nine weeks till I am on my way again.

On my where?

Why back to Uganda, of course!

I never could have imagined that after just being home two weeks

I would be preparing to go back.

My heart is rejoicing.

In just nine weeks I will be holding her again.

I will be in the warm African sunshine.

In eight weeks I will be finishing school for the summer and packing my suit case.

And then you know what?

When I come home from that trip - I will be preparing again.

this time it will be about 6 weeks till I go back for my 7th trip.



I am Anxious.

Anxious to see what God is doing.

Why He is allowing me to go 3 times this year?!

What connections will I make for when I move there next year?


God is definitely up to something.

Nine weeks.


Here I come summer.

Here I come Uganda.

Here I come Edith!!