Saturday, January 8, 2011

Those two special words..

Tonight I went down to sanyu babies home
My heart was melted.

You see Josh and I
had noticed that none of the lightbulbs had been working.
They are up really high
and in Uganda there is no such thing as like a ladder
so Josh and I decided to go buy some and replace the broken lightbulbs in the
eating room.
sleeping room.
and changing room.

we counted how many we needed and decided to go buy some
We got there this evening and went right to it putting them in..

Josh had to stand on the changing table, then put a chair on top
and then stand on the chair on his tipi toes
to change the lightbulb.

Then in came Gideon.
He is about 3 years old.
And soo precious.
He knows every baby's name at the baby home.
He is such a good english speaker and talks and talks and talks!!

I picked him up as we watched Josh change the lightbulbs.
He looked up at me and said...

"Mama Emma"


"Mama Emma"

It was so darling and makes me realize how much he must long for a Mama.
How much he must long for a family.
How he has watched his friends be taken and still he waits.
and waits.

My heart is breaking

Dear God please bring sweet Gideon a family!


love said...

hi emma! this is awesome that you and josh did that! you are bringing so much love & hope to them all by your servant's heart...i just know it.

i can imagine just where josh was standing and i can see [feel & smell] everything about where you were changing the bulbs. i am arriving again shortly after your team leaves and my heart is LONGING for it. 2 of my 4 girls cannot wait for their turn to go & though they are a bit too young yet, i pray that they have hearts as beautiful as yours.

i pray for Gideon's situation, too. [and every child to know the love of a family!] we are prayerful that our next child is revealed during this trip if it is God's will. maybe you are even loving on them now?! =)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said... sweet!!

Joy :)

Christine said...

Awww! That melted my heart right out, Em. Those precious children... so sweet! Thanks for sharing how the Lord is working other there. <3

trina said...

Emma, what an amazing young lady, you are. Hug them all for me. I will be praying they feel Jesus's arms around them. trina

Anonymous said...

I love the heart God has given you for the children. Love them! Love them! as only God can. I am praying fervantly for your team. Abbi from WI is one of my best friends since childhood. If you can please pass on that I am praying everyday for her, I would greatly appreciate it. God's blessings on your days there!!

dawn said...

Hello, I pray daily that God breaks my heart for what breaks HIS!! praying for you as you minister to HIS...Just listened to Andy Stanley preach on do for ONE that which you wish you could do for everyone!! Love you heart!! You keep mentioning families for these precious children..what orphanage are they with? How do we find out more about adopting from where you are?We have 3 bio. children and 3 adopted but would love to adopt Just One More : )

Staci said...

What are the requirements to adopt him? Is he available? Praying for Gideon...

AnaLisa said...

Hi, I'm also interested in info. on how to adopt from Uganda, that specific orphanage or any more details. You have a beautiful heart, love your story about the pony tail wrapper. And look forward to continuing to follow your blog. :) In Christ, AnaLisa

Jim and April said...

what a gift you two gave! how precious gideon sounds, is he not as adoptable b/c he's 3?