Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Run over by a Semi truck.

Since leaving Uganda just a couple days ago,

I am constantly changing the times to see what time it is in Uganda.

I look at the clock take away two hours and change it from am to pm or reverse.

I think about it and think about the babies at the baby home...

The babies are eating.

The babies are sleeping.

The babies are at pre-school.

The babies are outside playing.

Is it raining or is it chilly?

Do they remember me coming everyday and look for me?

Do they miss me?

Does Edith realize I am not coming back for a few months?

Do they look up every time someone white walks in and wonder

who they are and are they from Emma's team?..

Do the nanny's wish we were still there to help?

Aghhhh, it's driving me crazy.

I can see the tears falling down her face as I said goodbye.

I can see the doll I gave her that she threw on the ground as she watched me leave.

Ohhhh how my heart is aching.

I feel like it was run over by semi truck.

I miss you.

I am coming back.

Hold on darling.


Andrea said...

:( Oh honey. Praying for your heart and your sweet baby. I know it's so so much to process. Hugs!

Christine said...

You have a beautiful heart, Emma! I so enjoy following your journey. <3

Anna said...

This is exactly how I feel right now! I miss 'my' kids SO bad! When said goodbye to my one little boy he started screaming as I walked away. Yeah, not so fun...

Right now in Uganda he wil be going to bed and I am not there to hug him or put him in my favorite pajamas. Guh.

Stephanie said...

Praying for your heart!

I am heading to Kampala for 3 months in about a week. I will be serving with Empower A Child. One of the ministries I'll be working at for about a few hours every week is Sanyu. I will do my best to find your sweet Edith, love on her for you, and hopefully get you more pictures to tide you over while you wait to get back. :)

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...


:( I said a prayer for you!

Joy :)

Cate said...

When I was 18, not that many years ago...okay it was 20, I went and served at an orphanage in the Bahamas. I'll never forget walking into the orphanage and seeing rows and rows of cribs with toddlers just sitting and staring. I told myself that day I would adopt, but I didn't get married until recently and immediately got pregnant. Still, we are patiently waiting the two years required to start our first adoption. Those babies I saw are now adults, but in my heart for the orphan, it always feels like it was just yesterday.

Love your heart, and your calling, girlfriend.

Scrappy quilter said...

You do have a such a beautiful heart...just like your momma's.

Lauren said...

I totally understand that feeling. It still breaks my heart everyday. I'm praying for you, for what is to come, and for all the people you left behind. May you rest in His arms.

Stacey said...

Crying with you and praying....

Anonymous said...


This is so sweet and sad. Edith is lucky to have you.


Jim and April said...

I'm sure they love you and miss you much and will be SO excited when you come back in a few months! Through your words and others who have went there, my heart misses them too and yet i've never met them, but i long to be there and hold them! ;0)