Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My very first missions {trips}

I was flipping through some old pictures a few days ago and it made me remember my very first missions trip...The story goes back to my sisters wedding four and a half years ago:)..We were in California when my family met Erik...We ended up talking to him and found out he was the assistant director of an orphanage south of Tecate, Mexico.

In school I had been working on Spanish and was actually quite good. So when we found out he was in Mexico we decided to pack up the family and go for a missions trip and scout out for taking a team to Casa Celestial {the Orphanage that Erik worked at}...

I fell in LOVE with Mexico and the people and kids... So did my family. We went as a family, back then it was just my parents, me and Graham and Liberty - everyone else was already out of the house...

Time after time we went back that year! We fell in love with the kids. It was just a 17 hour drive so we decided to go for are vecation and just some weekends
And even once when my Dad was gone to a conference in Texas, my crazy Mom loaded us in the car and off we went to Mexico to work at Casa Celestial for the week. Just my mom and the three of us kids. Some would say she was crazy for driving us all there 17 hours by herself to work for the week...but really it provided amazing memories and what an adventure! :)
We had a blast!!
Liberty, who tans so well, that everyone there would talk to her in Spanish cause they thought she was Mexican! haha :)

My mom and I would work in the kitchen and the cook named Abby would teach us more Spanish and we tried to teach her English (so fun)...Liberty would play with the kids and Graham would play soccer with the older boys...After I'd been going for awhile to work there I became the older sister or role model to the two little girls there named Marilu and Lorena who were toddlers. They followed me everywhere. If I walked this way they did, if I jumped they did, if I went in the kitchen they did. I mean they were everywhere I was..I miss those girls... My mom became the Mom to lots of the kids...Dad worked on the church plant and became a Dad to many of the kids.
After we had ministered there many times things fell through for the Orphanage with the government and the Orphanage was shut down... My heart still grieves for the loss of it.

Time after time my heart aches for the loss of the kids who I loved so much.....I miss you Lorena, Patchanco, the twins Pepe & Eric, and Estrella, Eskay, Enrique, Dalai, Marilu...and all the rest.


Jim and April said...

this is just precious..thanks for sharing! What amazing parents you have to have instilled such great things in you and take you there so many times, which helped show you what really matters and what things are close to our Creator's heart! ;0)

Chris and Sarah said...

Emma, that is the memories I want my children to have!

Lauren said...

That's so awesome that you have been doing these trips from such a young age! I sometimes wish my first trip to Guyana would have been longer ago! Praying for you : )

Ashley Coleman said...

I miss them too girl! Marilou will always hold a special place in my heart though! I often think about her and pray that she is happy, healthy and fulfilling gods plan. This trip was a blast and something I will cherish forever!
Love you girl!